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Sixty Boats Compete in Mediaserv Triskell Cup 2008

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Guadeloupe’s Marina Bas du Fort at Gosier and the surrounding waters offered participants and spectators an intense sailing and festive weekend for the 8th edition of the Triskell Cup, November 8 – 10.

More than 600 crews and friends gathered on water or showed up at evening parties.

Sixty boats in five classes competed under ideal conditions, between 10 to 13 knots of wind, blue skies, during the regatta’s three days of very competitive sailing. Martinique and Antigua represented more than a quarter of the fleet with a total exceeding 15 boats. Many younger ones sailing on "Surprise" from Martinique could not make it due to school schedules.

The Triskell organization, its 40 free workers and their main partners (Région Guadeloupe, Marina Bas du Fort and internet operator Mediaserv), did things well in order to reach the level of excellence everyone was expecting.

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Coastal, Beach Cats, Multi-hulls, Spinnaker 1 and Spinnaker 2 were the 5 classes.  The coastal class increased from six to 19 boats just over one year.   There was a lot of pressure in Spinnaker 1 class; the 22 participants had great fights on water, especially during the starts which were very spectacular for the spectators.  Well-trained crews, beautifully prepared boats such as the A40, J122, j120, JOD, Medges, Swans etc. offered everyone a sailing lesson (starts, tactics, maneuvering).

Spinnaker 2 was also an interesting class, because those 10 boats, manned by youngsters, displayed great skills on their "First Class 8" and their "Surprise". We can undoubtedly say that our future champions were there.

In conclusion, we can say that on water and on land, this was a great nautical event, with fun, fair play, and racing, which initiates the 2008-2009 Caribbean sailing calendar.

Next year:  the 9th Triskell Cup: October 31 to November 2, 2009.   For information, contact Jean Michel Marziou – + 590 690 495 757
www.triskellcup.com or email : organisation@triskellcup.com

Information and photo submitted by Mediaserv Triskell Cup



  • Mac Village – Muscadet – Eric Michel
  • Ecole de Navigation Luc Coquelin – J24 – Luc Coquelin
  • Mangareva – First 27 – Pascal Poisson

Beach Cats :

  • Dell – Snicker Quicksilver – Hobie Tiger – Marchais/Maurin
  • Krahe Birgit/Roux christian – Hobie Tiger
  • Silvy Lois/Pioche Anthony – Hobie Cat

Multi-Hulls :

  • Super U – CDK 28 – De Maynard Vincent
  • Lol – Boisseux jean Luc
  • Cocokafe – Bonvoisin Alexandre

Spinnaker 1 :

  • Sailing Style Caraïbes – A40 – De Meillac Arnaud
  • Lost Horizon 2 – J 122 – James Dobbs
  • Caccia Alla Volpe – one Off – Carlo Falcone

Spinnaker 2 :

  • Wind 971 – Mael Belleut – First Class 8
  • Digilife – Saintenoy Vianney – Surprise
  • Idem Interim – Mary Eric – J 80
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