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Sea Vee 340Z to debut at FLIBS

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Sea Vee Boats is pleased to announce the debut of the Sea Vee 340Z High Performance model. The Sea Vee 340Z features an innovative stepped hull design that will recalibrate the industry standard for performance, efficiency and handling. Born of offshore racing technology, the 340Z twin stepped hull has been perfected for the recreational customer through the use of proprietary semi-empirical steady state computer modeling. This extensive design work was then further processed by a computational fluid dynamics computer model, previously utilized only by NASA and the United States Navy. The result is a stepped hull boat like no other.

To achieve the highest performance possible, 340Z features multiple lifting bodies with unique geometry that results in a fixed running trim angle. The lifting bodies, along with the carefully engineered weight distribution arrangement, ensure the optimum angle of attack that produces maximum hull lift with minimum resistance regardless of speed or sea conditions. The boat simply accelerates as power is applied, with no dangerous bow rise, or undesirable bow dipping. In essence, the Sea Vee Z hull has two inherent gears that allow it to achieve remarkable performance throughout a broader range of speed than traditional stepped hull boats. In fact, the 340Z can remain planing down to an extraordinary 18 knots to avoid inefficient and uncomfortable plowing through the water when lower operating speeds are desired.

The cross ventilated twin stepped hull of the 340Z produces greater efficiency than ordinary stepped hull boats. This is accomplished with an augmented four port air induction system utilizing a central air reservoir unit that produces and maintains the necessary air cavities that substantially reduces drag and the forward resistance of the sea. The result is greater speed and fuel efficiency without the momentary loss of velocity, or instability due to sudden water infringement of the air cavities.

The handling characteristics of the 340Z are no less amazing. Improved directional stability, at any speed, is achieved through an array of speed rails™. This Sea Vee patent pending design produces the appropriate counterforce to hard maneuvering that could cause a conventional stepped hull boat to hook, or otherwise lose control. High speed turns produce opposing concentrated pressure on the speed- rails™ safely keeping the boat tracking in the desired direction without compromising speed or efficiency. The precise handling performance of the 340Z significantly enhances the safety of the operator and passengers, while producing an exhilarating ride experience.

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Further improving overall performance of the 340Z is the new cored hull design that reduces weight, yet offers incredible strength and durability. Balsa and other natural wood products aren’t utilized in Sea Vee lamination due to the constant danger of degradation in the marine environment. Instead, durable Core-Cell M130 structural foam is sandwiched between two fiberglass panels to form a stiff, super-strong, light weight laminate with similar strength properties of an industrial I -beam structure. This engineered design feature contributes to higher speeds and better overall performance of the boat.

With a variety of seating options, 340Z is designed for practically any activity on the water. Fisherman will appreciate the massive, fully insulated fish box, and ingenious live well system that keeps bait alive and healthy by virtually eliminating the aeration problem typically found with stepped hull boats. A dedicated transducer pad allows for flush mounting large commercially rated transducers that are capable of marking bottom in very deep water while underway. Families will enjoy the numerous comfort and convenience features that can be found throughout the boat, including pneumatically actuated console door and sliding cooler, electrically operated forward lounge seat backrests, fresh-water shower and toilet facilities.

The 340Z is available in a twin, or triple outboard configuration. It’s built alongside the existing range of Sea Vee Boats with the same renowned quality and acute attention to detail that makes a Sea Vee the industry benchmark for craftsmanship and performance. All sales are factory direct with each boat built to the specifications of its owner. Customers preferring the proven performance and reliability of the prismatic, solid fiberglass Sea Vee hull can continue to order their boats in the standard hull configuration. So whether a customer prefers the pure adrenaline rush of the 340Z, or the solid running performance of the standard Sea Vee, Sea Vee Boats has the ideal vessel for the uncompromising buyer in search of perfection.


  • 340Z base price – $182,150 w/twin Mercury Verado 300 hp
  • LOA – 34’ 9” Beam – 10’ 0’’ Hull Dry Weight* –7,950 lbs. Hull Draft – 20” Hull Deadrise – 23˚
  • Fuel Capacity – 364 gal Fresh Water Capacity – 46 gal

*Base boat without engines. All specifications subject to change without notice

SeaVee Boats –Manufacturer of High Performance Custom Boats, Center Console Boats, CuddyCabin, and Express Boats. www.seaveeboats.com

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