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Adapting to Climate Change: The Quirkier Side of Environmental Regulations

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Environmentalists tell us that the world is on the verge of catastrophe. The ozone layer has been depleted, temperatures are increasing and sea water levels are rising, threatening low lying islands. We are told that the cause of global warming lies in harmful emissions. So recently the passing of wind has been made illegal and defaulters are subject to heavy fines. The sale of beans, beer and cabbage has fallen off dramatically.

Many aspects of life as we know it are changing with global warming. Species are becoming extinct, habitats are being lost by indiscriminate deforestation, the temperature of sea water is rising threatening the very existence of coral reefs.

Adapt or Die Laughing

Polar bears are literally on thin ice as their habitat slowly disappears. Some good news recently in is that a bear and her two cubs were seen swimming up the Sir Francis Drake Channel. “They looked exhausted,” said a spokesperson. Later they were said to be recovering, swimming on their backs in the shallows at Peter Island. Each had a pina colada in its paw with a cherry and an umbrella. Straw hats and sun glasses were also in evidence. “They looked to be adapting,” said the scientist.

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But species usually don’t adapt, not quickly enough anyway, and the BVI has been impacted by loss of species. The Dog islands are so named because at one time there were seals, the tropical monk seal, inhabiting the area. Sea Cow Bay was home to manatees. Anegada’s salt ponds hosted flamingoes (now re-introduced and doing well). It is likely that the demise of these three species was due to a lack of human understanding and over hunting. The same might be said of the present global climate change – a total lack of understanding and willingness to change.

Sailing with Charlie: Global Warming

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