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Rebel Marine’s Innovative 44-Foot Fast Passenger Ferry: A Masterpiece from Anguilla

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A relatively undiscovered custom boat-building yard based in Anguilla that has been quietly successful in business for over 30 years might find themselves under the spotlight thanks to one of their newest boat designs.

Anguilla’s own Rebel Marine Ltd., whose motto is ‘When love and skill come together, expect a masterpiece’, are receiving high praise for their innovative new 44-foot fast passenger ferry that has an open bowrider worked into its design, an unheard of feature for a boat of this size – until now.

About Rebel Marine

Historically, Rebel Marine’s fast ferries have been dubbed ‘marine limousines’ for their sleek looks in conjunction with a smooth and quiet ride in open ocean conditions. With this new design, they’ve proven that their designs continue to be leading edge and garner them the best kind of clientele, repeat business and good word of mouth promotion.

The 44-Foot Masterpiece

The new 44-footer was commissioned by Islander Watersports of St. Kitts and Nevis. They use a variety of Rebel Marine-built boats in their fleet that services the Four Seasons Resort Nevis and have aptly named their new boat, Point Proven.

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Allowing for up to 30 passengers, Point Proven has pew style seating in the interior and a spacious bowrider with seating that can hold up to eight people. This model of Rebel boat has the option for executive style seating that can seat up to 15 in a luxurious limousine style arrangement.

Clientele and Feedback

Wincent Perkins of Islander Watersports said, “This is a fantastic addition to our fleet. This boat is sleek, good looking, comfortable, and quiet which adds to the element of luxury for our guests.  Its efficiency is good for business and we love that it’s the first and only marine limousine in the Caribbean that is also a spacious bowrider.”

David Carty, Rebel Marine’s owner and founder added, “We appreciate the fact that we’ve had so many repeat commissions that return to Rebel Marine due to good service. We intend to continue building the best boats possible with state of the art materials, for our clients all across the Caribbean and Southeastern United States.”

Behind the Innovation

What you’ll find behind this successful new boat, should you visit Rebel Marine in Anguilla, is a family-run boatbuilding company that simply loves being a custom boat yard. Part of their passion stems from the fact that the majority of the Rebel Marine team are descended from a long line of boat builders. It’s in their blood. Visiting the yard today, you can’t help but wonder what their ancestors would think of their avant-garde designs and their use of the latest, advanced boatbuilding materials.

To learn more about Rebel Marine, visit: www.rebelmarineanguilla.com

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