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Quick Release Hinges Ease Bimini Mounting

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Adding a Bimini top brings more than simple comfort to a boat—it provides critical protection from the sun’s UV rays. To simplify installation, Accon Marine offers an array of Quick Release Bimini Hinges to suit virtually any mounting location.

The Accon Marine 401 Surface Mount Quick Release Bimini Hinge has a low profile and eliminates the need for cutouts. Built from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel, its design makes it easy to remove or install the top without having to keep track of pins or screws.

For flush-mount applications, the 402 model also uses hard-wearing 316 stainless steel for durability. Similar to the 401 design, this quick release hinge snaps into the base portion in use and remains attached to the Bimini when stowed. An adapter that can be inserted four different ways, in 90° increments, provides installation versatility.

Designed specifically for use with the curved lines commonly found on newer boats is Accon Marine model 404. This surface mount hinge also accepts a four-way adjustable adapter.

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When traditional Bimini mounting locations are obstructed, the model 403 quick release hinge allows for attachment directly on a railing. Model 405 accommodates square rails often used on contemporary pontoon boats.

An instructional video is available at: bit.ly/2kLHbm9. Info:  www.acconmarine.com

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