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Perini Navi Group delivers SY Perseus^3

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The Perini Navi Group delivers SY Perseus^3,  the 60m sloop and hull #2 in the 60m series of yachts

The Perini Navi Group, world leader in the design and construction of large motor and sailing yachts, has completed the delivery of Perseus^3, the second yacht in their new generation 60m series and the first sloop.

Designed by Perini Navi naval architects in collaboration with Ron Holland, the design and development of Perseus^3 has been significantly optimized for performance and represents a decisive technical step forward in the group’s 60m series.

Perseus^3 features a twin rudder system with innovative twin rudder control system (designed by Perini Navi).

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For the first time ever on a Perini, Perseus^3 is equipped with a carbon bowsprit. The larger downwind sailing areas gained by this feature together with her towering 75m carbon fiber mast and carbon fiber standing rigging allow Perseus^3  to set some of the largest downwind sails in the world. Composed by: 2 Gennakers, 1 Code Zero, 1 Reacher, 1 Blade, 1 Spinnaker Stay Sail, 1 working Jib and an imposing Main Sail for a combined area of 10.000 square meters.

For the handling and control of this impressive sailing system, Perseus^3 features the new generation of captive reel winches and furlers. The jib winches pull a maximum load of 30 tons and have a maximum line speed of 40 metres per minute. Variable speed electric motors and furlers, synchronized by the Perini Navi Automated Sail Handling System, dramatically improve furling and deploy speeds while reducing the tacking and jibing time by over 75% compared to vessels of the previous generation.

During the extensive sea trials, Perseus^3 plainly demonstrated her sailing prowess reaching at 16.2 knots in 21 knot winds and beating at over 12 knots in similar winds at apparent wind angles in the high-30’s.

Technical Features

  • Mast:                           75.8m Carbon Fibre by Future Fibres
  • Boom:                         23.4m Carbon Fibre by Future Fibres
  • Standing rig:                Lateral Rigging in Carbon Fibre
  • Aft and Fore Stays:      Carbon+PBO+Kevlar

Sail Inventory:

  • Main Sail:                     808 m2
  • The mast features 4 main sail locks: 1 full hoist + 3 reefs
  • Batten car system
  • Cunningham ram
  • Reacher                       1,160 m2
  • Blade                              706 m2  with vertical carbon battens
  • Working Jib                     370 m2  on soft hanks and removable torque cable
  • Code Zero                    1,804 m2  on the biggest torque cable TDF ever built by Future Fibres
  • A2                               2,602 m2
  • A3                               2,173 m2
  • Spinnaker Stay sail           721 m2

With a fleet of 59 yachts on the water, 56 sailing yachts and 3 motor yachts, the Perini Navi Group is the world leader in the design and construction of large sailing yachts. In 2007 the Group also began to build motor yachts with the brand name Picchiotti, thus re-launching the historic Picchiotti shipyard acquired in the early 1990’s. The Group is made up of the Perini Navi shipyard in Viareggio, founded in the 1980’s by Fabio Perini who invented and developed a revolutionary automatic sail control system, and the Picchiotti shipyard in La Spezia where the Group constructs its motor yachts and concentrates most of its refitting and repairing work. The Perini Istanbul-Yildiz shipyard in Turkey is where the Group’s hulls and deck structures are produced. Additionally, Perini Navi USA is a commercial division of the Group through which owners of Perini Navi Group yachts can arrange charters and find brokerage services for both new and previously owned Perini Navi Group yachts.

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