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Passion Comes in All Sizes

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Ahh fishing. America’s favorite past time with an estimated 50 million anglers casting a line at least once in the past year. Hours upon hours sitting in one location, often in complete silence, hoping for that one big catch. My dad attempted to pass his passion down to me when I was about eight years old. After ten minutes on the water I uttered, “Are we done yet?”  My dad never took me fishing again.

So when Hobie Fishing Team member Christina Weber asked me to go kayak fishing, I was a bit nervous. I mentally set a time limit for myself to control the impending boredom. Soon I was pedaling near the mangroves, casting towards structures, above all enjoying the peace and serenity nature provided. After two hours, Christina wondered if I was ready to head back in. “Actually, no,” came the totally unexpected response from this normally impatient soul. My day ended with some sadness that it was over, but delight in finally enjoying a sport that many are passionate about.

New Website Offered for Cruisers by Legendary Pam Wall

I couldn’t wait to share my new found pleasure with my husband using our dinghy from the sailboat. Soon we bobbed along with several other boats, casting silently into the mangroves. Guess how long it took for the boredom meter to spike? I see a Hobie fishing kayak in my near future.

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This month features those who share their passions with others. At the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Md., volunteers preparing for another season are taking their required annual training in the Spring. Answering phones in the office, taking museum goers on short excursions around the Bay, these volunteers give back to a community that has given much joy. In St. Petersburg, Fla., students are donating time to help boaters in distress. Learn how Eckerd College has helped fill a community need while students learn skills to save people’s lives.

Restoring an old boat is truly a labor of love. Owners of Sea Tabby, a 1938 Trumpy, spared no expense to properly restore this vessel so generations to come may share in its beauty. Read about a pioneering technique used to allow the ribs below the waterline to last for another 70+ years. If classic sailing yachts are more your speed, Suzanna Thomasina previews the upcoming Classic Yacht racing season featuring these majestic vessels.

What Women Want

Captain Judy says the fish are waking up and ready for the catch while Troy Gilbert shares his knowledge of scalloping in the Gulf. Of course Fatty provides us all with a much needed laugh to get us through the month.

Open up your world to new experiences then share them with us at All At Sea. I can’t wait to see what you discover.

Terry Boram Editor, All At Sea Southeast

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