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We arrived at our new home in South Florida months before our boat made the journey. Craving some water time I found a Groupon for a guided stand up paddleboard tour around the canals of Fort Lauderdale. History, dolphins and a great way to work on the tan were all promised. The best part was NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Perfect!

Stand Up Paddleboarding – Walking on Water

Now I consider myself somewhat athletic and can hold my own with the best of the 50-somethings. We began by mounting the board from a floating dock and were instructed to paddle from our knees until we were “clear of all obstructions” before attempting to stand. Not in a hurry to make a fool of myself, I sat on my board analyzing everyone’s technique. The 20-something literally jumped from her knees to her feet in one smooth motion while another methodically got his balance before gracefully standing up. My husband and friends were all underway while I was still calculating my move. The plan: get both feet under me then drive my quads up to a standing position. Once somewhat vertical my knees began shaking so violently the board had a rooster tail behind from the kinetic energy. Down I went. “This will not defeat me,” I thought. Up again, literally yelling at my knees “Stop shaking,” while trying not to look and sound like an old lady. I am not ashamed to admit that I spent most of that excursion paddling from either my knees or my butt. And I will deny any tales from a yachtie who saw a man on a paddleboard towing a woman along the ICW.

Get Down on Your Knees

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Needless to say I will not be registering for any of the SUP events along the East Coast this Spring. Carol Bareuther highlights four events that will challenge beginners and professionals alike. Want to plan a paddleboarding vacation? Discover the best places in the world to paddle to your heart’s content. If you are like me and would rather paddle while sitting comfortably on your bum Mary Syrett takes you on a journey along the Perquimans River in northeast North Carolina.

More power seemed to be the focus at the Miami Boat Show. Glenn Hayes covered every inch of the show to bring you the latest in outboard motors. And boy have these manufacturers upped their game. From diesel to electric, there is something for everyone.

Selecting The Right Stand Up Paddleboard

Pam Wall is back this month sharing the reasons why Man-O-War is her special island. It’s all about the people!

No matter what is on your agenda this spring, get out and soak up some Vitamin D.  It does the body and soul good.

The Smile

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