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Oh Suzanna Wins Golden Hook Challenge

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A pioneering spirit led the anglers and crew aboard the
31-foot Cabo, Oh Suzanna, to the best
spot for catching marlin and ultimately to the Best Boat title at the Golden
Hook Challenge, hosted by St. Croix’s Golden Hook Fishing Club June 18 to 19.

Eight boats and 36
anglers fished the tournament, yet only Oh
traveled 35 miles southeast of St. Croix to try their luck. Capt.
Mike Fuller explained why: “I had read an article in the IGFA (International
Game Fishing Association) newsletter about this area being closed off to long
liners because it was where blue marlin were thought to spawn. A subtropical
current runs through this area. It’s part of the same current that feeds the
North Drop and runs down to Venezuela. Normally, our tournament rules specify
you can only fish off 20 miles. But we wanted to check out this area and the
marlin bite for ourselves. So, I took the article to the other club members and
they agreed to allow the extra distance. We ended up being the only ones who

What did the
Oh Suzanna
sports fishermen find?

“We raised more
marlin than anyone else,” Fuller said.

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The first day of
fishing dawned sunny with calm seas.

“We raised four
fish and released one,” Fuller explained. “We lost two of the fish we raised
due to angler and tackle error, or we would have released three marlin total
for the day.”

Oh Suzanna
‘s angler, Jeff Frazier, made the day one release.

Under cloudy skies
and choppy seas the second day, Fuller said: “We raised one and released one.”
Angler Greg Pope made this second catch.

Being the first to
release two blue marlin earned Oh Suzanna
Best Boat, while Golden Eagle, captained by Joe Hollins, also
released two marlin for the Second Best Boat prize. La Mensagera, with Capt.
Alberto Sanchez at the helm, ended Third Best Boat with one released blue

Seven marlin total
were released during the tournament.

“The area south of
St. Croix holds some real potential,” Fuller said. “It was hard to pinpoint
because we were just one boat, but we did see a fair number of marlin.”

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Carol M. Bareuther, RD, is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands based marine writer and registered dietitian.

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