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New Sculpture Unveiled for Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

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This week saw the exciting unveiling of the latest Sculpture for Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park.  Since its inception in 2006, the Underwater Sculpture Park at Molinere Bay has captivated the imagination of both Grenadians and visitors from around the world. The original sculptures of British Sculptor Jason Taylor encapsulated Grenada’s colorful history and folklore and have brought a quirky dimension to both diving and snorkeling here in Grenada. The Park has rightly received international acclaim and been featured in top international newspapers, magazines and television shows. It has generated huge amounts of revenue from tourism for Grenada and undoubtedly become one of the ‘must see’ attractions for visitors to the island on cruise ships and on vacation.

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Underwater sculptures, Grenada
Underwater sculptures, Grenada

Recognizing the success and future potential of the Park both to the environment and to the island’s economy, a motivated Action Group of local people have made a personal commitment to the ongoing maintenance and development of the Park and ensuring its sustainability. Their focus is on the concept of  ‘a renaissance’ for the Park; embracing local talent, ideas and expertise to ensure the Park continues to develop as an attraction Grenada can enjoy and be proud of. The placement of this latest sculpture is a key step in working towards these goals.

The new sculpture, titled ‘The Silent Cry’, the 1st of a series of 7 planned sculptures, is the work of local Sculptor Mr. Rene Froehlich. The artwork was produced by Rene and local craftsman Jefferson Thomas (know as Buju of Grenville) at his roadside studio and workshop in Westerhall. At 7 feet in height it will be the largest sculpture to go in the park to date. Constructed in the medium of stainless steel and concrete, the sculpture captures the feel of the great trees of the Grenadian rainforest with a representation of a sinuous organic root system and the impression of a human form within. The design’s concept was to encapsulate the peace, tranquility and weightlessness of the underwater environment. A place where you can be still and enjoy the grace and movement of the water, leaving all of life’s threats and problems at the surface. Should you wish to, take a silent cry where no-one will hear’. Rene’s design is an organic and powerful piece.

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The sculpture will act as an artificial reef, offering ideal environment for colonisation by fish and colorful corals. Located in clear and shallow water, it can be readily enjoyed both from the surface, by snorkelers and underwater, by divers, allowing the thrill of interaction as they look through and within the structure. We would like to thank Mr. Lawrence Lambert of the Flamboyant Hotel for allowing us to exhibit the new sculpture on the property before we take it to the Sculpture Park.

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