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New Power, New Control & New Outboard Features from Yamaha in 2018

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Have it your way doesn’t just apply to fast-food burgers. A trio of products launched this year by the Yamaha Marine Group makes it easier to tailor outboard power choices to specific boating wants and needs. More specifically, the Kennesaw, Georgia-headquartered company offers an addition to the V MAX SHO family, new power and rigging options and the latest color choice for F300 and F350 offshore models.

First, the all-new V MAX SHO 90 is the perfect companion for the South Florida flats fisherman, according to Ben Speciale, president. “This outboard enables shallow water fisherman to get on plane quickly and develop the top speed that the inshore Biscayne Bay angler wants.”

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Secondly, South Florida is the capital of the inflatable boat segment, Speciale continues. “The 6X3 control gives inflatable owners flexibility in boat operations. Tight constraints many times make right hand rigging difficult, so having the ability to install the control on the left side gives the operator more ergonomic operation.”

Third, as the Miami International Boat Show in February revealed, there is a growing trend of white outboards in the South Florida market. “Yamaha’s F300 and F350 are available in factory painted ‘Yamaha White’ starting this month. This pearlescent white accents all of the popular South Florida center consoles and gives the owner an enhanced sense of pride of ownership,” says Speciale.  www.yamaha outboards.com

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Carol M. Bareuther, RD, is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands based marine writer and registered dietitian.

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