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New in Guadeloupe The Snorkeling Park of Ilet Gosier Opens for Caribbean Yachting Season

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Till now there was the Cousteau Reserve. Everyone would come and enjoy diving and snorkelling in the beautiful coral reefs of the Ilets Pigeon on the leeward side of Guadeloupe.

From now on, there is the Snorkelling Park of Ilet Gosier.

This spot is one of the favourite anchorages in Guadeloupe amongst sailors. A tiny island just off the cost on the south shore with a light house, coconut trees, scattered iguanas getting a tan, a reef with gentle breaking waves to protect the anchorage.

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What is this Snorkelling park?

Mission : Discovering the beauties of the fragile underwater world and learn to protect it by knowing and loving it.

Public :

  • swimmers, snorkelers, intro scuba divers, surfers, kayakers, sailors, boaters
  • anyone who can swim: kids, teenagers, adults
  • locals and visitors

Access : free.

On the beach, there is a panel board with a map which explains the safe practice of conduct to have in the Snorkelling Park.

Aves Island

The park is composed of 3 big and bright orange/pink « barbie » colours floating buoys labelled 1, 2, 3 which locate remarkable sites underwater like coral heads and turtle grass to go snorkelling above and learn about the amazing flora and fauna.

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The park is included in a safe zone marked by 4 yellow buoys and a surface line, where no engine craft are allowed.

A white mooring buoy is available for tenders, so snorkelers can come very close to the snorkelling area.

The depth varies from shore to 3.5m, so anyone who can swim can do it.

Total length is 140m.

Duration approx. 30-40 minutes

The use of any floating device like a noodle, life vest or swim board is recommended

Facts: The park is labelled and has been funded by various French Governmental Organizations, one of which is directly involved in the conservation of coral reefs.

International recognised labels such as REEFCHECK, Quiksillver Initiative, Padi AWARE and Seakeepers are underway.

Contact: Ariane Graf, project manager, T +590 690 728 809, info@guadeloupeyachtconcierge.com
Web: http://www.causes.com/causes/495294
facebook : Sentier découverte sous-marin Ilet Gosier

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