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New Affordable Prop Foul Release Coating for Sailboats!

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Boaters have been trying to protect the running gear of their boats using antifouling paints for years. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that. However, keeping antifouling coatings on turning blades and shaft that are under big loads and in permanent turbulence is not possible. This process only lasts for very short periods of time.

The ultimate solution to this dilemma is the use of foul release products that rather than fighting marine growth create a super slick surface where barnacles cannot attach.

These coatings have no biocides and growth will only go away when the running gear turns. Foul release manufacturers have worked very hard on developing primers that adhere to metals like bronze, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. As important, is putting a system together that is easy to apply. This point alone sets products apart. Some manufacturers demand two applicators to coat a single propeller since the primer cures superfast; others are complex to mix and take a long time to cure which extends the time that boats must remain on the hard.

Another aspect is the top coat. All of them are silicone base. This material is very sensitive to being exposed to the air. Yet, manufacturers drive customers to buy kits that are oversized for their particular application. Some applicators tend to buy bigger kits that are used in multiple boats without realizing that every time that top coat can is opened the next application will be compromised by the product itself.

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Lastly, the price tag of foul release coatings makes them too costly to many boaters, especially smaller boats and sail boats. Many of the smallest foul release kits start at $250.

Propglide USA Corp, a Florida based company, launched a foul release system for propellers and running gear, that encompasses the solution to all these challenges. PropGlide™ spent over a decade conducting research and development across three continents to bring the ultimate propeller and running gear coating to market at a reasonable price.

PropGlide™ can be applied by DYI since the application is easier, and less time restrictive than competitive products. The application time between primer and top coat of PropGlide™ is tripled making the application easier and less prone to application issues.

The introduction of the PropGlide™ 175ML Sail Boat Size Kit, PropGlide™ at about $120, offers the opportunity for every boater to use a foul release coating at half the cost of the competition. In addition, PropGlide™ offers three other size kits that have 25% more product and are 30% less costly than competitive products.

PropGlide™ is the best option for customers who are looking to increase their vessel’s speed, to improve fuel efficiency, and to use environmental friendly products and that is easier to apply all at a reasonable price.

With PropGlide’s improved performance and cost savings, it is easy to see why PropGlide™ is the best choice!
PropGlide USA Corp started its innovation 2006 to develop a coating that would solve the issue of fouling on the props and running gear of vessels while providing an affordable solution to owners. Spending over 10 years of R&D in three continents PropGlide™ has perfected the formulation, the results, and lowered the cost. PropGlide™ continues to expand its reach with unprecedented growth world-wide thru distributors who are committed to bringing the best value products to their customers. PropGlide’s mission is to offer the best performing foul-release propeller coating, while remaining affordable and available to any boater in the world!

Contact: info@PropGlide.com Website: www.PropGlide.com

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