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New 900 and 1,150hp Engines from Scania – Time to Repower

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Scania, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engines for boats, trucks, buses and industrial applications, announced today the availability of its new powerful and lightweight range of engines – fully emissions certified for the U.S. pleasure craft market.

A robust line-up commanded by a 900 HP, six-cylinder, 13-liter in-line and an 1,150 HP 16-liter V8, Scania engines boast an industry-leading power-to-weight ratio, provide exceptional performance and reliability, and offer an unparalleled ownership experience.

Built on a Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) engine block and employing a simple wastegate turbocharger

Scania delivers top-of-class performance without the need for additional turbos or superchargers. The resulting light weight, combined with Scania’s proprietary Engine Management System (EMS) and common rail extra high-pressure injection system (XPI), optimizes fuel delivery enabling impressive torque, lower noise and exceptional fuel efficiency, certified by the EPA to meet the Tier 3 Recreational standard for marine diesel engines.

Check out this beast! Scania 1,150hp 16 liter v8
Check out this beast! Scania 1,150hp 16 liter v8

Proven performers relied on by demanding customers all over the world for recreational, commercial and military applications

Scania’s engines are designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions while providing maximum uptime and minimal wear. In addition, their compact, modular and lightweight construction make for a solution that is both easy to install and maintain. Suitable for a variety of installations, the engines possess an impressive list of standard and optional features.

“Scania has built a hard-won reputation for exceptional products, coupled with first-class service and support in some of the most demanding markets in the industry,” said Al Alcalá, sales manager, Scania USA Marine. “With the launch of our new 13- and 16-liter engines, certified for the pleasure craft market, we now offer our customers in the long-range cruising and sport fishing segments unprecedented power and efficiency with reliability they can count on.”

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Guaranteeing ease of ownership and minimal downtime due to repairs or scheduled maintenance

Yacht owners will benefit from Smart Support by Scania – an intelligent, intuitive and predictive system of providing superior support and service for customers in North America. Smart Support is comprised of a highly-trained network of over 300 specialized service workshops and close to 2,000 service points worldwide; a state-of-the-art logistics system, ensuring 98 percent parts availability within 24 hours in North America; and Scania Assistance, providing 24/7/365 access to professional service coordinators to rapidly address questions, and oversee the process of locating parts and expediting repairs.

Scania’s new 13-liter and 16-liter pleasure craft engines ranging from 700 to 900 HP and 1,000 to 1,150 HP, respectively, are now available and are ideal for yachts being built in, or for export to, the United States and Canada. For more information on Scania pleasure craft engines or to locate a dealer near you, please visit www.scaniausa.com.

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