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Metal Shark Next-Generation Damen Fast Crew Supplier

Damen Fast Crew Supplier
Damen Fast Crew Supplier

As an extension of its existing relationship with Netherlands-based Damen Shipyards, Louisiana-based shipbuilder Metal Shark has announced the availability of the new Damen FCS 7011 for the U.S. market.

With its size, range, 40-knot speed and 150-passenger capacity, the all-aluminum monohull FCS 7011 is a fast and comfortable crew supply solution for offshore production facilities. The vessel offers increased safety compared to traditional crew supply vessels. Incorporating Damen’s ‘Sea Axe’ bow and a ride control system for roll and pitch reduction, the FCS 7011 offers increased operability in offshore sea states. Steerable skegs allow for highly accurate course corrections, while a gyroscope maintains stability during crew transfer, with a motion-compensating gangway among its numerous available features. www.metalsharkboats.com


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