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Marina Dockage and the Value of Network Pricing


Yachts by their very nature are made to travel. Yet, while dockage discounts may be available for long term slips in one particular marina, paying full price to slip into multiple marinas throughout the Caribbean can add up. Finding a dockage space can also be tough during peak season. Now, one upscale marina group has introduced and upgraded a loyalty program targeted to yachts 80-feet-plus that allows owners to enjoy the best of both worlds – travel, savings and even money back.

Island Global Yachting, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, introduced its Caribbean Anchor Pass (CAP) program in January 2012 in response to megayacht captain’s request for more flexibility and freedom in dockage and cruising itinerary. The CAP enabled yachts to travel five marinas on four islands for a year while only paying for 120 days. Due to the popularity of the program, IGY sweetened the deal with the Anchor Pass (AP). This is a December, 2012-launched 365-day berthing program for yachts over 80-feet that include 8 IGY destinations, dockage discounts and a new refund program on unused dockage.

“It’s a great deal,” says Sarah Bensimon, IGY’s marketing and sales manager. “You pay for 120 days, but in reality get 365 days plus the ability to travel throughout our network of luxury marinas in the Eastern and Western Caribbean. The money back on unused dockage at the end of the annual contract has made this offer even more enticing.”

Anchor Pass discount equates to 67 percent off IGY’s rack rates or the highest dockage discount attainable with the marina group.

Yachts enrolled in the AP program don’t have a specific berth waiting for them at the 8 participating IGY marinas, they do receive priority reservations.

Marinas include:


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