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Keep Your Day Job

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Anita attempts to help two wayward souls.  Ultimately they should keep their day job.

Dear Anita
Why do you not reply to all of my emails? I have this problem with all agents. I mail about jobs as they ask me to and some agencies don’t reply at all! Surely your business is to place crew like me? I look forward to your response.

A Lady Chef

Hello there Lady “Chef,”
Yes, I’m afraid we are guilty of not replying to every single email you send us here. I can’t answer for other agents; you’d have to ask them why they don’t reply to you but I can probably assume their reasons are the same as ours. We receive hundreds of emails a week, in busy times that becomes hundreds each day. Looking back at your record, you email us about jobs you are not qualified for. I see we have replied to various mails explaining that but we can’t reply to every single email as it takes up far too much time; time which could be better spent sending you AND EVERYONE ELSE to jobs they’re suitable for. My advice – only apply for jobs you’re suitable for. Easy. I see you have one season’s experience as stew/cook on a 24m MY cooking for a family of four from England, prior to that, several years working in office roles ashore. No hospitality experience, and no cooking qualifications. You have been applying for Head Chef positions on 40-80m yachts with specific requirements stated in the adverts, including “must have 3 yrs+ experience in the industry on a 40m+” or “must be Michelin trained” or “male due to cabin arrangements” or “must have a year on a yacht plus a good restaurant background and be professionally trained”. When they say “must” it means… MUST. I also note you mailed us on Christmas day, and again two days later moaning you hadn’t had a reply yet. I hate to break it to you sweetheart but like most of the western world, we have a couple of days off that time of year. And if you send emails with a shitty tone complaining then expect to be put to the bottom of the pile. We won’t send you if we don’t like you. And we don’t like you. So there.

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Dear Anita
How do I get a job in yachting? Do I need to do any courses? Or just apply for jobs on your website and other agencies?

Sent from my iphone

Dear Newbie
Seriously? Do you really not know anything at all about yachting? You have the world in your hand with your iphone – you need only do a few searches and boom, there you go… answers to all your queries. But you seem a bit special so I would recommend you try this website: www.googleityourselfyoulazygit.com Good luck now! 



Ask Anita! Please email editor@allatsea.net with any thoughts or questions. 

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