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Joystick Boat Control for Outboards COMING SOON

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Yamaha Outboards Joystick Boat Control
Yamaha Outboards version of the Joystick Control for Outboards

ALL AT SEA recently was invited to test the “soon to be released” Joystick Boat Control systems for Mercury Marine and Yamaha Outboards.

Yes, you read that correctly, Joystick Boat Control for OUTBOARD engines!


This Spring, Docking a boat is going to become child’s play.  In fact, with joystick boat control for outboards, your children used to gaming will likely be able to master the system faster than all of you wheel jockies out there with tons of experience docking your boat!

Do you think docking a boat is intimidating?  Come on…  be honest.  We all get a little intimidated coming into a busy dock where there is this one small spot to dock that just happens to be right in front of the crowded bar with everyone watching!  Now…  it’s easy.  You will be able to dock your boat like a pro using the joystick boat control for outboards and look like a veritable Marine GOD!  In fact, you will be able to go STRAIGHT SIDEWAYS into the dock with Outboard engines.  We’re not talking about pod drives here…  OUTBOARDS.

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Now bear with me and let me finish my thought with this next comment.  There are thousands of men that would love for their significant other to feel confident at the helm (okay…  In all honesty, there are thousands of men that would love to feel confident at the helm).  This system OPENS up boating to everyone with no intimidation factor.  It takes the learning curve down to MINUTES versus years of practice.

Guess what boat brokers?  This makes selling families on the idea of boat ownership that much easier!   Guess who controls the purse strings?  “Happy wife, happy life!” and this system allows the non-boating wives to suddenly be masters of the vessel and have confidence in minutes rather than intimidation.

Now as you can imagine, the fantastic research and design teams at Mercury Marine and Yamaha Outboards are in a race AND competition is good for you and I as the end-user.  Their systems are different and both of them are trying to one-up the other.  GREAT!

We’ll be sure to share what we know over the coming weeks.  Both Mercury Marine and Yamaha are expected to launch their gaming systems…  Ooops…  I mean joystick boat control systems at the Miami Boat Show in February.

Stay tuned…

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