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GoSun Solar Cooking Stove for Boats?

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What if you could cook a hot meal on your boat without use of your electric bank or fuel of any kind except for the sun?  Or better yet…  Throw this portable device in the dinghy and cook up lunch right on your secluded beach without fear of burning the place down.

This is perfect for our island lifestyle even on land.  How many times have you been tweaked and hungry because the power went out…  again…  for several hours!

Let me introduce you to the GoSun Solar Stove.  It claims to be able to cook a meal in under 20 minutes baking, boiling OR frying…  Time for some french fried potato!  Amazingly it will cook up to 1 1/2 pounds of food at a time.

Now of course, we’d have to MacGiver some sort of mounting system but come on…  Compared to other things we rigged up on the boat this would be easy!

Think ahead however…  Remember you NEED the Sun!

You can buy one online from Amazon at: GoSun Stove Portable Solar Oven

GoSun Materials Callout
Courtesy of www.gosunstove.com
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