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GMT to supply Chris White Designs Atlantic 57 Catamaran with PowerFurl Boom

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In a first time collaboration, Bristol, RI based GMT Composites and Dartmouth, MA based Chris White Designs are teaming up to upgrade one of Chris’s designs with a carbon fiber PowerFurl boom. The Atlantic 57 is a fast and innovative cruising cat that has gained worldwide popularity. This particular customer is Australian based, and cruises extensively in the South Pacific. The primary challenges in this refit are to keep the boom as low as possible and having no vang. Many fast cats have a low slung boom angled down and with no vang to maximize sail area and performance. GMT and CWD had to refine several details in order for the PowerFurl boom to integrate into the existing rig.

Atlantic 57 w/ GMT PowerFurl Boom
Atlantic 57 w/ GMT PowerFurl Boom

Modifications were made to the main sheet system to make it as low profile as possible. A spectra strop will be added in place of a vang to define the boom angle for furling, and boom positioning will be handled by the topping lift. The built in furling motor on the boom keeps the actual furling system contained with no extra lines running to the cockpit and push button convenience. While GMT normally recommends a hydraulic vang with their furling booms, this customer wanted the added convenience of GMT’s PowerFurl boom without the need for adding a hydraulic vang. Now he can have the best of both worlds with a fully battened main on his Atlantic 57 cat that is easy to reef and rolls up inside the boom at the end of the day.

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