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The wind direction and speed were perfect for a spinnaker run down Biscayne Bay. At first the 11 – 14 knots kept the colorful sail filled with very little adjustments needed. Content, I prepared myself for a relaxing sail catching up on the magazines subscriptions I don’t often get to read.

At the first flutter of the spinnaker, Clint tugged the spin sheet to help the sail fill. Soon I was summoned from my perch to trim while Clint guided the boat to keep the sail filled. As the upper luff curled I trimmed in, easing out when the sail filled. Again, trim, ease, trim ease. My frustration level rose with each adjustment. Trim, trim, big ease. Trim, trim, trim. “Why can’t I keep this dang sail filled,”hastising myself. The more I worked the sail the more off course we became. Suddenly it occurred to me. This exercise in futility was my life in a nutshell. The more I tried to manhandle (or woman handle) a problem the more off course I got. I needed to stop, breathe, assess the obstacle and get back on course.

Sailing with Charlie: Frustration!

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With this clarity I could see that the wind had come so far behind us that the main sail was blanketing the spinnaker. We snuffed the spinnaker then after motoring through the channel (our course) we lowered the main, hoisted the spinnaker, set a new course and sailed on. Life was back in balance.

Now that the holiday season is over what are you doing to keep your life balanced? How about fishing? Captain Judy Helmey says fish are for the taking off the shores of Savannah. Todd Kuhn gets you ready for inshore fishing with the gear to look for at the 2015 boat shows.

Balance 451 – “For Sailors, By Sailors”

Speaking of boat shows, the Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show and the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show run concurrently February 12 – 17. Companies use this show to launch their 2015 products. Glenn Hayes highlights some of the products and boat debuts while Suzanna Thomasina takes a look at yacht toys. Also don’t miss the debut of Sea Ray’s L590 Luxury Cruiser. She will surely be a popular boat to view.

Finally, if the balance you are seeking begins and ends aboard your boat then you will want to read Troy Gilbert’s Mardi Gras destinations. Apparently Fat Tuesday celebrations are not just for landlubbers. Also learn why many cruisers head to Vero Beach to either stage before heading to the Bahamas or simply stay for the winter. Vero Beach Marina will be on my list for next year.

Make some time to adjust your sails and find some balance in your life. The peace and calm feels amazing.

Balance Catamarans Launches Balance 526 “ALANI”

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