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Electric Outboard Motor For Your Dinghy

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In our last article we examined some options for determining the best outboard motor option for your dinghy. Because of some new and improved technology, there are now alternative choices to a standard two or four stroke gasoline combustion outboard motors. Valid and enticing possibilities also include the electric outboard motor, as well as the propane outboard motor.

Electric outboard motor as an alternative outboard for your dinghy.

One traditionally thinks of the electric outboard motor for small boats as a trolling motors that can be found on all varieties of fishing craft – www.motorguide.com. Although these are a viable option and their efficiency and technology have improved over the past few years,  one also has to consider the batteries required to power them and a charging source to keep the batteries powered and ready for use.

Trolling motor power is typically measured in pounds of thrust and some of the larger motors (55-80 pounds or bigger) can just about plane a small dinghy. Trolling motors are typically lightweight and easy to attach and remove from your dinghy. The weight of the batteries that power them have to be considered, however, and lifting a large marine battery over the gunnels can make even a bodybuilder wince.

Another option for the electrical outboard motor is offered by German manufacturer Torqueedo.  Offering a full line of outboard motors they truly do provide an alternative outboard motor for your dinghy.

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Consider Torqueedo’s Travel 503 / 1003 models

The product in their line that would best match your requirements of powering an average dinghy would be their Travel 503 / 1003 models. Looking a lot like a traditional small gas outboard they incorporate a built in lithium battery (in place of a built-in gas tank) and have extremely efficient and high power thrust created by a unique high torque propeller along with a high tech drive train and motor. Torqueedos’ 1003 model can power a vessel of one and a half tons for over 10 hours before needing a recharge.

The alternative electric outboard motor incorporates a small display that takes all the guesswork out of how far you can go or the power you have remaining. There is battery charge status readout, a speedometer (powered by a built-in GPS sensor) and power consumption readout. The most important part of the readout is a remaining range readout that lets you know how far you can travel at your current speed ­– no more guessing on if you’ll make it at your current speed.

How do you Charge an Electric Outboard Motor?

There are several options to charge the electric outboard motor onboard battery (that can easily be removed and stored or charged elsewhere) when the time comes, such as from your home electrical supply, a 12 battery bank on board or even cutting-edge solar panels that can be supplied from Torqueedo. You can even charge the battery with solar panels while the motor is being used.


Electric motors are not only the future of the auto industry but look as if they will be a major part of the marine industry in years to come. Innovative electric outboard motors such as those already offered by Torqueedo can certainly provide a clean, lightweight and environmentally friendly alternative outboard motor option for your dinghy (just like those oars).


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