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Eco-Friendly Novec 1230 Standard on Modern Swedish Boats

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Many buyers entering the marketplace are rejecting traditional boat designs in favor of technology-driven, eco-friendly alternatives that emphasize comfort and safety. Swedish HOC Yachts has responded with two unique models that cater to this new generation of owners. Both come standard with pre-engineered fire detection and suppression systems supplied by Sea-Fire Europe Ltd., and boast environmentally sound 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire suppression fluid.

Designed and tested for a given volume, pre-engineered systems employ heat sensors for automatic activation, or manually via a pull cable. They use Novec 1230, a replacement for Halon and other toxic suppression fluids. The fluid is electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive to protect valuable engines and electrical equipment during discharge. With a low toxicity value, it’s also extremely safe, for both humans and the environment. In fact, it has the same global warming potential as CO2, so it won’t deplete the ozone.

“HOC’s careful selection of onboard systems that minimize environmental impact led them to select a Novec 1230 system,” said Hans Lundberg, spokesman for Hansen Marine, part of Hansen Group. “It was the natural choice for a sustainable solution that ensures the safety of everybody on board.” Based in Spånga, Sweden, Hansen Marine is the Sea-Fire Europe distributor that supplies the systems.

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There’s very little uninspired about HOC Yachts’ 33P Cruiser and all-weather 33P Explorer. Built on Gotland, an island off southeast Sweden, the 10.24m (33.5ft) boats are designed to elevate the owner experience with extraordinary levels of comfort, performance and functionality. Every component and system has been carefully chosen to achieve maximum satisfaction and reduce environmental impact. For more information, visit: www.hocyachts.com and www.sea-fire.com

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