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CSA Caribbean Winter Circuit Five Year Calendar Dates Published

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Working closely with regatta managers and organizers, the Caribbean Sailing Association now keeps a five year calendar of international events, keeping it up to date on their website on a rolling basis to iron out any potential calendar clashes.

Professional sailor Peter Holmberg is credited with recognizing the importance of ensuring that all the islands collaborate in order to better the regatta experience in the entire Caribbean region.

“The Caribbean has now matured and grown into its well-deserved place on the international race calendar. Each event has the challenge and incentive to meet the demands of today’s race fleets as well as ensure it maintains its uniqueness and offers improvements each year,” Holmberg said.

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He adds, “Teams can help organizers by entering early. Experience tells us other boats will be monitoring entry lists for their competitors and will be more likely to enter if they see their ‘friends’ are entering a particular event.”

By working together with each event to select its week of the year and keep it constant in successive years, the entire region can offer one clean non-overlapping circuit for sailors to plan for. This affords owners, teams, sailors and the press a much easier time of scheduling without conflicting events. It also benefits each of the different islands and events by enabling them to own their week and get the maximum marketing and economic benefit, the CSA said.

Calendar with dates from 2017 – 2021 can be found at: caribbean-sailing.com

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