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Boqueron Puerto Rico: Laidback Cruising

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El Sharmar bar by the dinghy dock. Photo by Rosie Burr
El Sharmar bar by the dinghy dock. Photo by Rosie Burr
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The town itself has a colourful seaside atmosphere, small shops sell beach clothes and toys and artisans sell painted t-shirts on street corners. The ambiance is relaxed and laidback. Brightly decorated bars sell cheap drinks. Of course, this wouldn’t be Puerto Rico if you couldn’t find Puerto Rican soul food like alcapurrias or empanadillas sold from kiosks and counters up and down the two-street town.  Every weekend the streets come alive as small seafood stalls sets up under colorful parasols selling pinchos (small snacks), like fresh oysters and clams (10 for $5), shark skewers or, for those more partial to meat, pork or chicken skewers barbequed over a hot grill. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from – some offering $1.25 Medalla.

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Rosie Burr
Rosie Burrhttp://www.yachtwanderingstar.com
Rosie and her husband Sim Hoggarth on yacht Wandering Star have cruised the Caribbean and North America fulltime for nine years. Visit their blog: www.yachtwanderingstar.com


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