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Book Review: Gotcha

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Steal, Cheat and Lie your way to the top!  Help shine the light on the schemes that
are costing consumers millions on both sides of the Atlantic.

In this age of clandestine operations and schemes, it is
good to know that there are individuals out there ready to blow the whistle on
them.Capt. Geary gives you a
glimpse of some of these illicit activities and to open your eyes he also is
out to recruit you to make a difference. 

Marine Insurance is supposed to be based on Uberrimae
or utmost good faith but it hasn’t worked out that
way.Author Ed Geary closely
examines the background of marine insurance fraud and the clever schemes that
are used by boat owners, loss adjusters, insurance brokers and marine

From the covert operations of the CIA to the scheming of the
now defunct Arthur Andersen LLP most recently famous for the WorldCom and Enron
scandals, Capt. Geary tells it like he sees it and lets the world know that
there are watchdogs out there that won’t let them get away with it.

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Grab a copy of Gotcha.  You will be shocked at the
unbelievable stunts some groups will try to get away with.  Geary also alerts the world to shocking
gaps in the security system that we count on to sleep well at night.

Ask for Gotcha at
your local bookstore or you can find it online at www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.borders.com, www.iuniverse.com or www.booksamillion.com.

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