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6th Triskell Cup

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Five stages over three days of racing, 80 yachts (of which 15 were from Martinique), 510 crew, 60 volunteers for organization and the arrival of the first trimaran from the Route du Rhum the night following the awards ceremony. It was in this context that the festivities unfolded for the unbeatable Triskell Cup.

The opening regatta for the Route du Rhum festival – La Banque Postale, knew how to offer a superb spectacle for its sixth edition, where the level of competition shows no signs of diminishing. In a rare event, the number of registered boats in Racing Class (21, of which nine were from Martinique and one from Antigua) was almost identical to that of the Racing Cruising Class (25 boats). Conversely, the multihull class, one of the only existing and significant ones in the Caribbean, slipped up with just three competitors.

By the end of Saturday, the positions were far from entrenched, so stiff was the competition. Manga Reva and Effervescence battled for first place while third place was fought over by Actuel and Takili  in Cruising. In Racing, even if Voile 44 and Abracadabra had already formed a good lead, third place was keenly contested between EIB-Marina Bas du Fort and the two Surprises, GFA Caraibes and Wind. In Racing Cruising, a single point separated Madinina Wear and Feel Good while Paulista and Xeria battled for a podium finish.

The uncompromising Huey Too and Sunshine left little chance to Rhapsody and Getelec in Cruising, as did Drabanec and Nusa Dua  in multihull, and Dabreteau Guillaume and Dell Snickers Quicksilver in Beach Cats, despite the great performance from the young crew on Crunch (Lois Silvy and Lili Sebesi) who finished third.

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The last stage on Sunday quickly gave an idea of the variations in windspeed and direction, with plenty of gusts. Crews had to extract the slimmest advantage in winds varying from 10 to 27 knots, tempered by moments of calm.

It was a Caribbean podium, with Guadeloupeens, Martiniquais, Antiguans and Trinidadians sharing the silverware. Worthy of note were the Anglophone winning trio in Cruising class. All promised to return in force next year. Make a note in your diaries: the 2007 edition is slated for 2, 3 and 4 November.

Results :
Racing (21 registered):

  1. Voile 44 (Jimmy Dreux, Guad.)
  2. Abracadabra (Carlo Falcone, Antigua)
  3. GFA Caraibes (Gérard Corlay, Mart.)
  4. EIB-Marina Bas du Fort (Valentin Franc, Guad.)
  5. ACMS (Jean-Pascal Aigrault, Mart.)

Racing Cruising (25 registered):

  1. Feel Good (Claude Derussy, Guad.)
  2. Madinina Wear (Richard Campas, Mart.)
  3. Paulita (Jean-Marc Noel, Guad.)
  4. Xeria (Jean-Noel Victor, Guad.)
  5. Citron Bleu (Jean-Michel Thomas)

Cruising (10 registered) :

  1. Huey Too (Bernie Evan-Wong, Antigua)
  2. Sunshine (Hans Lammers, Antigua)
  3. Rhapsody (Peter Morris, Trinidad)
  4. Getelec (Jose Vilier, Guad.)
  5. Corail (Rémi Givaudan, Guad.)

Côtier (10 registered):

  1. Manga Reva (Pascal Poisson, Guad.)
  2. Effervescence (Hervé Le Gall, Mart.)
  3. Actuel (Gaetan De La Goublaye, Mart.)
  4. Takili (Frédéric Bernard, Guad.)
  5. Sganz (Guillaume Lieven, Guad.)

Multicoque (3 registered):

  1. Drabenec (Thierry Normand, Mart.)
  2. Nusa Dua (Pierre Cosso)
  3. Coco Kafé (Alexandre Bonvoisin, Guad.

Cata de Sport (10 registered):

  1. Dell Snickers Quicksilver (Pascal Marchais,Guad.)
  2. Guillaume Dabreteau (Martinique)
  3. Crunch (Loïs Silvy, Guad.)
  4. Demeco Outremer (Birgit Krahe, Guad.)
  5. Hobbie Max (Valentin Marchais, Guad.)

See all results and photos: www.triskellcup.com

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