The Fireball Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay

The moon has a powerful allure, it is full of beauty, romance, legend and myth. During full moon each month, thousands of people all around the world gather together to honor and give thanks to the cycles of life. All cultures of the past have in some way celebrated the full moon.  These celebrations are important times for reflection, meditation and for building relationships. The night of full moon is a time of beauty and magic.

In the British Virgin Islands hundreds of sailors gather at Trellis Bay, located on Beef Island, to celebrate the full moon. Trellis Bay is a beautiful and well protected anchorage complimented by an artsy and hip shoreline. Sailors love to anchor here year round, but on full moons they sail in by the boat-loads to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Fireball Full Moon Party.

The Fireball Full Moon Party is a family oriented celebration sponsored by Aragorn’s Studio and the Trellis Bay Cybercafé. It features local musicians, a BBQ buffet, stilt walkers, and local artist Aragorn Dick-Read’s flaming fireballs and sculptures located on the beach and on stands in the water.

Aragorn’s fireballs are spherical metal sculptures which are stuffed with flammable material, and lit afire allowing glimpses at the balls’ intricate carved designs. When you stare at them while listening to Reggae music the effect is calming, soothing, and intoxicating.

On March 21 we found ourselves in Tortola, while sailing through the BVIs, and were fortunate to attend the Fireball Full Moon Party. We all enjoyed a local band, who kept us dancing all night under the full moon’s spell, to tunes such as their own version of Alicia Keys’ No One, Bob Marley’s classics, and other great Calypso, Reggae and Soca tunes.

Moments like this remind you just how great the sailing lifestyle really is. For us it helped us realize that we should not wait any longer to let go of our dock lines and start cruising for a while, because moments like this is what life is all about.
It also made us wonder why people everywhere do not celebrate every full moon with joy. If you want to enjoy the party, plan your own Fireball escapade around a full moon:

2008 Full Moon Dates Remaining:

Jun 18 Wed
Jul 18 Fri
Aug 16 Sat
Sep 15 Mon
Oct 14 Tue
Nov 13 Thu
Dec 12 Fri

For more information: and check the Calendar of Events.

Capt. Tony Miró is a life-long sailor, photographer and web developer who currently lives in Puerto Rico and enjoys sailing aboard his family’s Hunter 376 ¡Nada Mas!