Sunday, March 26, 2023
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South Florida News: Maverick Boat Group Supports Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Research

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Maverick Boat Group Supports Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Research

It’s impossible to fully protect a migratory fish species without knowing where it swims throughout its life cycle.

To unlock this below-the-sea mystery, the Maverick Boat Group is sponsoring a new research program for the Coral Gables, Florida-headquartered non-profit, the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT).

The Tarpon Acoustic Tagging Program is a five-year study using acoustic telemetry to identify tarpon movement patterns and important habitats. It capitalizes on a large network consisting of thousands of acoustic receivers stretching across the Gulf of Mexico and along the coastline of the Southeastern US.

This array of receivers will monitor the movements of some 50 tarpon tagged as part of the program.

Bonefish Tarpon Trust Florida Keys Fundraiser Nets $205k

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“Maverick Boat Group’s generous support is enabling BTT to research important questions about tarpon movement in Florida’s waters and beyond. Knowledge gained from this project will help conserve tarpon, their habitats and the larger fishery. Our partnership continues the company’s longstanding commitment to conservation and provides new opportunities for BTT to share its mission and ongoing work with Maverick customers,” says Jim McDuffie, BTT executive director. www.bonefishtarpontrust.org, www.maverickboat group.com

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