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No Anchor Zone Created in Saint Pierre Martinique to Protect Wrecks

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Anchoring in Saint Pierre, Martinique

The French state has decided to put in place a no anchor zone in order to protect the nationally classified wrecks (shown in red & named in yellow on the plan) following the 1902 Mont Pelé explosion.

The no anchor zone (bounded by 3 buoy’s and the head of the jetty) was announced by decree #11-02163 dated 24th June 2011 and will pass into law once the marking buoys are physically in place which is expected by the onset of the 2011/2012 season. Within the no anchor zone there will be 4 moorings (“coffres” in French) for dive boats. Coordinates are expected to be:

Buoy 1 – 61°10.688’W / 14°44.635’N – Depth 20m
Buoy 2 – 61°10.954’W / 14°44.367’N – Depth 75m
Buoy 3 – 61°10.748’W / 14°44.205’N – Depth 35m
Mooring 1 – 61°10.689’W / 14°44.596N – Depth 20m
Mooring 2 – 61°10.729’W / 14°44.481N – Depth 30m
Mooring 3 – 61°10.834’W / 14°44.430N – Depth 50m
Mooring 4 – 61°10.763W / 14°44.264N – Depth 40m

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Superyachts will need to anchor to the North or to the South of this area.

In the plan below two green moorings (« coffre megaship ») are shown for Superyachts but the funding to put them in place is not defined at the time of going to press.


For all vessels with LOA > or =50m, Martinique’s official ports require pilots to be on board or their Captain’s to be appropriately authorized by them. The official port areas include St. Pierre, Fort de France, Le Marin, Le Vauclin, Le François and Le Robert. The pilots are very welcoming and flexible and make every effort to meet the demands of our industry.

Please contact Douglas Yacht Services (+596 (696) 45 89 75 – douglas@yachtservices.fr) should you require assistance.

Anchoring in Saint Pierre Martinique

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