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New Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Comes to PR

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The Marine Cargo & Salvage Co., established in Fajardo PR in1998 and owned by marine contractor and captain Jose Caballero, has expanded their horizons with the acquisition of an observation class micro ROV.

“I purchased it recently and, so far, we have been training, shooting video of interesting fishing sites, and practicing for a few water tanks inspections,” says Caballero.  “With a marine biology college degree, I feel I have found the perfect tool for both work and research, as well as recreation.”

The ROV (remotely operated vehicle) is a small, eight-pound underwater robot equipped with high resolution cameras, halogen lights and three powerful thrusters. Powered through an umbilical tether, the sub can dive up to 500 feet with a maximum tether length of 1000 feet. Caballero reports that he ROV provides excellent video quality, is extremely easy to control in the water, is small and non-invasive, very portable, and requires a minimal power supply. Safely operated and transported by a single person, it does not require special mobilization.

Caballero says the sub is an ideal tool for wreck surveys and searches. “Attach a sonar to locate the target, then send the ROV in to identify the target. Or, send the ROV to help chart your course before you send in divers,” he suggests. “This unit can get into tight spaces, identify hazards, and save airtime for divers.”

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Because footage is recorded, engineers, contractors and scientists can carefully review it at a later date. The VideoRay ROV is extremely portable. The entire system fits in two pelican cases for fast response mobilization.  Ideal for underwater inspections, surveys of pipelines, cables, wrecks, and other submerged structures, the ROV service is currently available for scientific and security applications as well.
Marine contractors can hire the service to conduct underwater videos, eliminating risks to human divers.

The technology is also used for recording corrosion stages of seams and welds of underwater structures. Various industrial applications are offered to the potable and sanitary water industries as well. The ROV can monitor interior conditions of water tanks, cisterns, man made reservoirs and treatment plants. Water tanks can be inspected without service interruption or draining the tank losing thousands or millions of gallons of water.

Caballero says that projects for the near future include working closely with a highly-recognized marine archeologist in various Caribbean historic wreck sites, and assisting local marine biologists locating deep water corals.

 “In my spare time, I enjoy playing with the ROV at my favorite reef, just watching marine life without disturbing the precious habitats,” says Caballero.  “It’s amazing how the bubbles do not scare away the fish. Also the 100 watt lights turn low visibility into brightness, making it possible to close-up and record footage on areas of interest.”

For more information about the ROV and the company’s services: email bucanero@prw.net, or call 787-370-0030.

Information courtesy of Marine Cargo & Salvage

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