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Mayrik Mini-Trawler Spirit of Arielle Crosses Atlantic!

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Journalist Nick Marshall reported in the May 2008 issue of All at Sea on plans by French naval architect Yves Kinard to depart St. Martin on May 15 and cross the Atlantic Ocean this summer via his tiny diesel-powered trawler.  We’re happy to forward this report and photos Kinard sent to document his safe arrival on the other side of the pond:

Almost 4000 miles in 31 days, at a cruising speed of 5.5 knots, including 1850 miles in complete autonomy, 3000 liters of diesel oil, 0.75 liters/mile, with a minimum of 0.55 liters/mile—these are the elements of the exceptional crossing of the Atlantic just completed in July by Spirit of Arielle, a Mayrik P214 Mini Trawler (6.50m, 21 foot).

Such a small motor yacht undoubtedly had not faced such a distance. Starting from the Antilles on May 15, more exactly from Saint Martin, it covered the distance in two months, stopping in Bermuda and in Horta on the island of Faial to the Azores, before arriving shortly after the French National Day at Saint Martin de Ré (near La Rochelle).

The voyage demonstrates that a small, well-designed boat can achieve great voyages in full safety. The boat proved to be extremely comfortable, seaworthy, and economic, one on which yachtsmen, without fear, can carry out a small crossing towards the islands of the Mediterranean or the African coasts for example, or to tramp along the European coasts until Iceland.

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Globally, the step initiated by this adventure was centered towards economy and autonomy, with a small space available to store fuel.  “At the hour when petroleum is so expensive that the yachtman looks twice before leaving for the weekend, and the fisherman to re-examine his organization or to claim State aids, it was important to show that technologies are existing right now on the market making it possible to reduce consumption appreciably,” says Kinard. 

Gathered on the same unit, these technologies made it possible to save not far from 30% on diesel oil. Among these techniques: bulbous bow, propeller with automatic variable pitch, diesel oil cooler, engine direct ventilation, solar panel, additive in the diesel oil, oil high performance, anti-fouling top-of-the-range, calculator of flow.

Kinard says that this concept of economy will be proposed from the start to the future purchasers of Mayrik P214, and will be widened, and optimized, for the other boats of the range.  The Mayrik P214 Mini Trawler will be presented at the La Rochelle boat show (Le Grand Pavois), from September 10 to 15 afloat, and will be demonstrated to potential customers and the press, before, during and after the boat show. It will be marketed in various versions: Trawler, Fishing (pleasure and professional), After Cabin, Lobster and Bermudian, equipped either with Perkins 86cv or Yanmar 230cv. The prices will spread out according to versions’ of 60,000 euros HT (Fishing pleasure) to 120,000 euros HT (Mini Trawler equipped well, wood amenities). All the range will profit from technologies reducing consumption.

For mass production, Kinard says that Mayrik Yacht Design currently is seeking partners in Europe and North America, its two markets, rather than to produce them in the Caribbean where the company is based.  First deliveries: Le Grand Pavois 2009.

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