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March 2011 Docklines from the Errol Flynn Marina and Shipyard Jamaica

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August Docklines from the Errol Flynn Marina Jamaica


USA AMBASSADOR TO VISIT MARINA– We are pleased to announce that the recently appointed USA Ambassador to Jamaica, Pamela Bridgewater, will be visiting the marina Friday, March 18. Purpose of the visit will be to present a significant number of band instruments to the Port Antonio Eagles Marching Band and to emphasize the Embassy’s continuing commitment to supporting cultural development in Jamaica. Several marina personnel serve as adult advisors to the band and in the past, the Errol Flynn Centennial Ball raised funds to provide the band with shoes and uniforms. The presentation is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. and is open to the public. In additional to the presentation by Ambassador Bridgewater, the band will perform with their new instruments and there will also be brief remarks by Port Antonio Mayor Floyd Patterson. The main purpose of the band was to give Port Antonio youth an opportunity to pursue off-the-street opportunities for personal development through music. The group started using borrowed instruments provided by the Salvation Army. With the addition of the USA donated instruments, the band is now nearly fully fitted out.

TRY A TRIP TO FOLLY! – A delightful short side trip from Errol Flynn Marina is the old Folly Estate and Lighthouse, just a few kilometers away and opposite East Harbour. Now some 120 years old, the Folly Light, visible for as much as 28 miles at sea, is one of the oldest working lighthouses in the Caribbean. Errol Flynn Marina also has the distinction of being the only marina in the Caribbean with a lighthouse marking it’s fully buoyed entrance. Lighthouse Keeper Lincoln Ward is always a welcoming guide. While on the lighthouse property, be sure to bring a camera (Especially if the seas are heavy!). There’s plenty of opportunity for some spectacular photos when the waves smash against the volcanic rock on which the lighthouse is situated, plus you will get an excellent view of legendary Navy Island and the entrance to West Harbour in which the marina is located. Nearby is Wood’s Island (Often referred to as Monkey Island), which you can wade out to visit. Just adjacent is the ghostly former Mitchell-Tiffany Estate ruins. The name “Folly” evolved after the estate was vandalised began crumbling in 1932. The “Monkey Island” moniker came about when a son-in-law of the Mitchells, Hiram Bingham, brought monkeys to the island. Bingham was the discoverer of Machu Pichu. To arrange a trip to the Folly grounds, contact the marina office, 876-715-6044. Lighthouse trips are not suggested for large groups as only several people can be accommodated on the narrow staircase to the top at one time. While there, take the time to cross the small bridge to the point where the range lights for Errol Flynn Marina are located. This is another superb photo op. And…be sure to wear proper footwear as the volcanic rock can wreak havoc on unprotected toes!

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WHAT’S TO SEE AROUND PORT ANTONIO! – Anybody who complains there is not much to do in and around Port Antonio, either just hasn’t been there or doesn’t know what they are talking about. Just the waterfalls alone are impressive and fun too! Within less than 45 minutes we have both Reach Falls and Sommerset Fall with their adjacent eco parks and gardens. Even a lot closer is cruising down the Rio Grande on the bamboo rafts that once carried bananas to the port opposite Errol Flynn Marina. The rafts each take two persons and the ride lasts about two and a half hours. Our marina based taxi operators will arrange a trip with a licensed, insured, raft operator. Other nearby sites include the Boston Jerk Center, numerous beaches, caves and mountain trips, including hiking and cycling and much more. For complete details, contact the marina office.

AVOID STREET HUSTLERS – As is often the case in areas frequented by tourists, various street hustlers will attempt to offer our visitors various services that you simply “cannot do without.” Many are experts at convincing you that you need to “experience the true Jamaican culture” by trying a splif of ganga or maybe something even more exotic. Their principle goal is to part you with as much of your money as they possibly can. Errol Flynn Marina security constantly patrols to keep the facility clear of these predators and we pledge to take quick appropriate action when any incident is reported. They are easily recognized sitting idly at bars waiting for you to buy their next drink or representing themselves as quasi official tour guides. Our advice is to simply say “Thanks, but no thanks” to them.

DINGHY DOCK SOON COME– Our long awaited dinghy dock is expected to be in place for the 2011-12 season. The floating dinghy dock, some 40 feet in length and eight foot width, is being constructed of aluminum to insure longevity and minimal maintenance. It will be connected to the shoreline with a 20 foot aluminum ramp that is four feet wide; sufficient width to bring dock carts up and down. The dock, which will float only about a foot and a half off the waterline is expected to massively facilitate getting to shore for our anchorage clients which presently have to negotiate a nearly four foot permanent dock to get to land. And yes…there will be plenty of cleats that dinghy’s can be secured (or locked) to whilst on shore.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES -.Several excellent marina properties are available for lease by the Port Authority of Jamaica. These include the former duty-free shop of Rum, Roast and Royals which is adjacent to the Ken right Cruise Pier and Terminal. This location has plenty of parking, outstanding security and is ideal for a sidewalk café or gourmet shop. Additional facilities include office space formerly occupied by the Tourist Product Development Corppration (TPDCO) prior to their office consolidations. Additional facilities available include the Errol Flynn Marina Boatyard which is a state of he art facility, complete with 100 tonne Marina Travelift, shops, chandlery facility, high speed fuel dock and boat ramp. Contact General Manager Dale B. Westin for details at 876-715-6044 or email dwestin@portjam.com

CUBA, JAMAICA, CAYMANS AGREE! – With anticipation that U.S. President Barack Obama will soon lift the travel ban on American tourists visiting Cuba, representatives of Cuba, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands met during the recent Miami International Boat Show to draft a strategy to handle the predicted influx of boats heading south.Figures from the U.S. Coast Guard and Florida vessel registration authorities indicate that there are more than 600,000 boats in Florida alone that are capable of making the 90 mile sea voyage from South Florida to Cuba. U.S. boats have been barred from visiting Cuba for more than 50 years and opening a floodgate of vessels would rapidly inundate Cuba’s marinas. The representatives included Commodore Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich, representing Cuba’s major marina provider, Marlin; Dale B. Westin, representing the Port Authority of Jamaica; plus Neville Scott, representing Cayman Island marina interests. All agreed that any relaxation of the travel ban for American’s to visit Cuba would have the effect of creating a new Central Caribbean cruising ground consisting primarily of Cuba, plus the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. In addition to marketing the three-country cruising ground, the representatives forecast the formation of the Caribbean Marine Trades Association that would serve as an umbrella organization to promote yachting tourism to the Central and Western Caribbean. Today, the Eastern Caribbean is the significant yachting destination from the US and British Virgin Islands south to Trinidad and Tobago, plus Puerto Rico, the Bahamas along with Turks and Caicos. Presently, most USA citizens are the only ones in the entire world that do not have the freedom to travel to Cuba. President Obama in the past year has been relaxing the ban in several increments. Bans imposed by President George W. Bush that prevented Cuban nationals and persons of Cuban extraction from visiting Cuba frequently were ended early in 2010. Most recently, visitation by members of the press, religious groups, cultural exchanges and educational travel have been considerably relaxed by the Obama administration. Additional restrictions are expected to be eliminated in the near future. The Cuba Embargo relaxation rests largely with the U.S. Congress and with U.S. Rep. Ilena Ross Lehtenin, now controlling the House Foreign Relations Committee, it is unlikely this measure will get house floor consideration in the next two years. Obama, however, does have the authority to relax the travel ban. For additional information and details about the proposed Caribbean Marine Trades Association, contact Jamaican representative Dale B. Westin at dwestin@portjam.com or at 876-477-6914.

TRANSCARAIBES RALLY ARRIVES IN APRIL– For the third straight year, the Transcaraibes Rally will again include Jamaica as one of their key stops when they arrive April 16-19. Stephane Legendre, cruise organizer, indicated the rally will depart Guadeloupe in the French West Indies and include stops at French St. Martin, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and end up at Cienfuegos, Cuba. An estimated 15-20 yachts, mostly catamarans, are expected to participate. Additional details can be found at www.transcaraibes.com Vive la France!

HAVE YOUR BIG EVENT AT THE MARINA! Errol Flynn Marina has a variety of facilities available to rent for special events of all types. One of the most popular is our Ken Wright Cruise Pier where we host one or two weddings almost weekly during the June-July-August period. In addition we offer rental of our Ken Wright cruise terminal, the marina beach and other locations on the compound. In addition to weddings we host family reunions, school reunions, various seminars and promotional concerts and sales events of all types. For complete event information, contact Christine Downer, marina office manager, at 876-715-6044 or email cdowner@portjam.com

YOUR SAFETY IS OUR CONCERN- Your personal safety is our paramount concern. Visitors to Port Antonio and Errol Flynn Marina rest comfortably knowing that our Parish of Portland, not only enjoys the lowest crime rate in Jamaica, but the entire Caribbean!. Our big crime here last year was a missing pair of dock shoes!

Errol Flynn Marina and Shipyard
Box 188-Ken Wright Drive- Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica, W. I.
Tel: 876-715-6044 or 876-993-3209 Fax: 876-715-6033
www.errolflynnmarina.com – email: info@errolflynnmarina.com
VHF Channel 16/9—18⁰11.65’N, 76⁰26.875W – Use DMA Chart 26129 or Admiralty 458 (Recommended)
Opinions Expressed in this Publication are those of the Editor and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Port Authority of Jamaica

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