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ECHOTecs NEW Post-Treatment pH buffer Hardener Element Saves Desalinated Water

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ECHOTec’s new post treatment pH buffer / hardener element saves up to 50% desalinated water.

While many watermaker manufacturers are satisfied by simply assembling standard off-the-shelf parts, ECHOTec engineers and builds more proprietary components than most competitors in order to achieve ultimate reliability, performance and cost efficient operation. What makes ECHOTec the practical choice for cruisers as well as commercial users is that all innovative system components are build to allow the use of widely available off-the-shelf consumables and spares. There is one exception though:

Product water from any RO watermaker is extremely pure, has little salt content, is very soft and acidic due to the removal of alkaline mineral constituents of the seawater. Therefore, similar to rainwater, using RO product requires significantly more freshwater to rinse off soap, shampoo and other detergents.

ECHOTec is the first yacht watermaker manufacturer to combat this problem by improving the RO product quality with a proprietary post treatment system. The newly developed mineral dispenser returns some hardness to the water and offers a practical, low maintenance solution that saves up to 50% fresh water.

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The ECHOTec post treatment element also contains a mixture of minerals that returns bicarbonate alkalinity, correcting pH only enough to reach a neutral equilibrium. This dramatically reduces corrosion on metal tanks, boilers, washing machines and plumbing due to acidic product water.

As the water is slightly re-mineralized, this will also improve the taste of the product water.

Visit ECHOTec’s website to learn more about the products and their innovative system features: www.echotecwatermakers.com

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