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Julian Putley’s Book Review: The A to Z of the Sea

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Julian Putley has done it again. In his latest book he has
compiled for us, in a most organized way and with the brilliant assistance of
illustrator Bob Nock, the sailor’s guide to every humorous and hysterical
thing you ever wanted to know about the sea – and in alphabetical order.

I have
known Julian for two decades and his talent for capturing the lore and
humour of the Caribbean
never ceases to amaze me. What a mind – where does he come up with all of
these laughs? Of course, several decades on the sea, plus being a charter
captain to boot, will do this to you, which his background amply proves. Since
1972, Julian has been researching and documenting Caribbean
lore, pirate stories and nautical adventures. His first publication ‘The Virgins’
Treasure Isle’

is the true story of the Norman
Island treasure and The
Caves. In 1980, Putley began a world voyage on his Tayana
37, Starry Night. It was during this
circumnavigation that many stories were written and published in Pacific Islands Monthly, Sailing, Cruising Helmsman and Cruising World. These were followed by
his books Sunfun Calypso, a satire of Caribbean
island life, and the Drinking Man’s
Guide to the BVI
– both best sellers throughout the islands.

His latest
The A to Z – is an
“Old Salt” of a read if there ever was one and should, most
definitely, be included at the top of your list, not only as personal reading,
but as a gift for sailing (and even non-sailing) friends. It is also the
perfect accompaniment for the Head. In fact just leave it there for fun.
Nock’s most humorous and delightful black and white illustrations are
perfect for Putley’s anecdotes, helping to make
this project a partnership made in heaven. I highly recommend this book for
anyone wanting to get more of a spark out of life.

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