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BBC Remake Duran Duran Video of Rio in Antigua

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I think it was my Aunty Mabel who told me repeatedly that the first signs of getting old would be when I noticed the policemen looking rather young! Well, not only the guardians of the law it would appear. For just the other day the BBC sent out a team of very young film makers to recreate the video made by Simon LeBon and the band known as Duran Duran twenty odd years ago in Antigua. In particular, it was the song ‘RIO’ which made it to the big time way back in the eighties. Most of this video had been filmed aboard the 70 foot Fife built EILEAN and the sailing scenes of that lovely boat and the band were absolutely spectacular! Anyway, it now would appear that Simon and the boys have re-surfaced and in fact are booked solid at future concerts all over the UK. So the BBC had come back to Antigua to see if anybody around here remembered Duran Duran. Now, as Judy and I had helped on the original video we were once again roped in to assist producer/director Brad Hallam and the rest of the ‘kids’, And what a ball it was too! Luckily of course its very quiet here now so we had plenty of time to spare. Talking about the antics of Duran Duran to a lovely young dolly bird called Alex (the Beeb Presenter) who rates the pop stars of the seventies and eighties close to God.

On a less frivolous note our old friend Peter Hutchinson owner of the fine little ketch RAINBOW had a very serious accident while in St Marten recently. He has since been in a coma for some time, and all his many friends, as you can well imagine, are more than a little worried.

His daughter Fiona is with him, but if anyone would like to help old Peter in any way, please contact Fiona on email tonyjustkaty@sintmarten.net

With our harbours looking deserted and strangely forlorn (as they do in the hurricane season these days) I cant help but remember what it was like not so long ago before all the yachts were sent packing down to far away Trinidad, or the extreme south coast of Grenada. In case you don’t know the yachts staying in the Caribbean do this because their insurance companies insist they go. Now, yachtsmen really like spending the summers here in Antigua. It was more a village atmosphere for those that stayed but these days with most of the night spots closed (a few lead by Abracadabra, Life, Trappers, Dry Dock, Cactus, HQ, Jimmy’s, Caribbean Taste, Catherine’s Cafe, Jakies Quick Stop, Grace Before Meals and the Galley Bar are either on much reduced opening hours or stagger their opening nights) One can hardly blame these courageous souls for there is just not enough business to go round. So could it be that English Harbour, which has been considered a safe hurricane harbour since Nelsons days seems to be getting a bit of stick from the insurance companies? To be truthful there were one or two major storms such as hurricanes Luis and Georges etc which started the summer migration to the south. But an old friend of ours having taken a trip southward aboard his yacht to see the facilities for himself, is now on his way back to Antigua where despite the threat he feels more at home. Perhaps the presence of the two very large vessels, which appear to be staying with us in Falmouth Harbour, will encourage others to stay.

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