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Ferron Hands Hodge the Reins of Budget Marine St. Maarten

Jim Hodge
Jim Hodge
Jim Hodge
Jim Hodge

There’s a change at the helm of Budget Marine St Maarten, headquarters and one of 13 chandlery locations throughout the Caribbean. Robbie Ferron, who founded the company in 1982 and served most recently as general manager, is stepping down and handing over the reins to a team led by Jim Hodge. Hodge, a one-time company operational manager, has returned to Budget Marine after a short period elsewhere and will take up the position of General Manager St. Maarten. 

“Besides the usual age reasons for retiring , the timing matches with a real plateau having been reached in respect of a really strong and effective management team in the Budget Marine Group,” says Ferron, who will continue to work on a regional level as a director and support product research and development. “Not only are there strong location managers in place, but the group is functioning in an effective and efficient manner. Maybe the hurricanes of 2017 forced some efficiencies? Who knows?

This retirement gives me the chance also to focus on product which I really enjoy too!” 

Great efforts have been made in the last year to the St. Maarten store with a redesigned retail space, revamped replenishment systems and an all-time high inventory. Hodge, in his management role, will continue the development of the store and will be supported by a strong team that has extensive experience in all the fields required by a leading modern chandlery and distribution center. www.budgetmarine.com



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