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Drug, Environmental Pathogen and Fuel Testing for Yachts Launched

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Invenia Technologies LLC Provides Drug Testing, Environmental Pathogen Testing and Fuel Testing for Yachts and Crew Worldwide
Carmen Foy, President and CEO, today announced the launch of Invenia Technologies LLC. “Invenia Technologies has been established to provide the global yachting industry with worldwide drug testing, pathogen testing and fuel testing,” said Foy. “Our primary concern is safety on board vessels and based on extensive research we have identified these areas of concern for owners, management and crew. Invenia Technologies will travel to your yacht and offer certified testing anywhere in the world”.
Invenia Technologies mission is to provide a proactive strategy to identify and prevent potential hazards or health risks aboard yachts. Whether its toxicology testing, pathogen testing or diesel testing, the aim is to mitigate the problem before it becomes a liability. Part of the pathogen testing includes mold testing which has been identified as a key concern for owners and crew.
The Crew – Invenia Technologies offers a complete onboard service that fits random drug testing in with a yacht’s busy schedule. The saliva testing is a non-invasive, tamper resistant process, which guarantees minimal disturbance onboard. Medical professionals perform all drug testing and adhere to the highest standards and confidentiality.
The Environment – By offering definitive, certified testing for harmful bacteria, molds and pathogens, Invenia Technologies provides owners and crews alike with accurate information about the hygiene status of their onboard environment. This is the starting point for establishing how to exactly design a program aimed at eliminating health risks.
The Fuel – As sulphur in diesel is reduced in order to minimize environmental impact, there has been a notable increase in microbial contamination (Diesel Bug) in fuel. Invenia Technologies is the distributor of the only fuel test that can be used on board in minutes. Early identification of any form of Diesel Bug is absolutely imperative to reducing damage it can do to engines and generators.
Invenia Technologies LLC has partnered with industry experts Mike French, CEO and President of International Yacht Training; Nigel Beatty, worldwide President and Founder of Super Yacht Logistics (SYL); and private yacht industry expert Graham Thomson, to offer a comprehensive testing package for yacht owners and operators.
For more information contact Carmen Foy at (954) 302-2656, (401) 855- 4330 or cfoy@inveniatech.com, www.inveniatech.com.

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