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Deliver It and VI Yacht Services Change Hands

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The helm of the premier superyacht agency on St. Thomas has changed hands. V.I. Yacht Services and the parent company, Deliver It, Inc. are now under the experienced tutelage of Steve Vasaturo. Mr. Vasaturo has been the General Manager of Deliver It, Inc. for over 5 years and has been instrumental in guiding the Company to its current status. His belief that nothing is impossible has made a believer of many captains that find themselves with demands from owners and charterers that seem insurmountable. From delivering 300 pound blocks of carving ice to a chef onboard a megayacht anchored off St. Barths, with less than 24 hours notice on New Years Eve – to medivacing an injured guest off an offshore yacht. Captains know that when time is of the essence, they can count on Deliver It.

Deliver It, Inc. was brought to fruition over 30 years ago at the hands of Ken Huskey, a former 13-year veteran of Eastern Airlines. Deliver It’s strength lies in its wealth of knowledge, extensive experience, and top-notch service. With 30 years in the Caribbean behind it, Deliver It has a storehouse of knowledge and business contacts that enable it to provide the logistics regarding almost any service requested or required. From importing ostrich meat for the mega-yachts on the harbor front to arranging the emergency move of a water pump from the United States mainland to a yacht anchored off Anguilla in less time than it takes to prepare and serve a Thanksgiving turkey, Deliver It has the knowledge and the contacts that are necessary to accomplish what, at most times, seems to be the impossible.

Considering the ownership of the yachts, it was obvious that the simpler their port calls could be made to be, and the more pampered they were made to feel, the more likely they would be to enlist someone else to do not only the less palatable parts of the port call, but many of the routine parts as well. Deliver It also had the knowledge and experience to be able to provide almost anything that this clientele could possibly want. As agents for numerous of these yachts, Deliver It annually assists them in every facet of their port calls.

Since 9/11, US Homeland Security has implemented increasingly stringent reporting requirements for the yachting industry. V.I. Yacht Services provides electronic Notice of Arrivals (NOA’s), U.S. Customs Clearance and Immigration services and arranges for U.S. Dept of Agricultural inspections. These services have saved many Captains from fines and delays during their ports of call.

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Yacht captains in the know, have for years, contacted V.I. Yacht Services prior to arriving in US waters to insure that their vessel and crew will not have any unexpected surprises. Crew Visa issues and other reporting requirements that a captain unfamiliar with US requirements may find confusing are routinely handled by V.I. Yacht Services.

Deliver It has, for many years, performed line handling services for an array of cruise ships that frequent St. Thomas that range from Disney’s Magic to Carnival’s Destiny. However, via negotiations that began in 2004 and culminated in 2005, Deliver It was able to obtain an exclusive agency contract with one of the major cruise lines, P&O Cruise Lines, to provide full port of call services at the Virgin Islands government-backed cruise ship dock at Crown Bay.

Deliver It’s many, and varied, income centers, coupled with its incredibly vast experience and massive storehouse of knowledge, make Deliver It as unique and stable a business as can be found in all of the Caribbean.

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