How to anchor's biggest question is WHERE TO ANCHOR. What's allowed? What should you be thinking about? What is the best type of anchorage?

However, a new day is a new day, and I arose, a new woman and threw myself once again into this fishing business

I set off from the Cape Verde Islands to Trinidad, just me and my cat, in a 33 year old boat wondering what the hell I was doing

I think I can recall all the unlikely, hazardous and backbreaking ways we have filled our jerry jugs and our water tanks on Loreley.

Boaters find refuge in Hurricane Hole on the northeast side of St. John. During the threat of a hurricane they would tie into the mangroves

When the pagers go off, VISAR volunteers are ready, knowing that the types of accidents will be as varied as the people who occupy the boats.

Quick guide to the marinas and international ports in Cuba. Remember the rules for US travel to Cuba should be quickly changing. Get ready to visit Cuba by boat!

I've always been interested in names I've discovered it's much easier to name a newborn babe than naming a boat. That's really very difficult