Choosing the Right Rub Rail is Easy with NEW Replacement Guide

speed up the process of selecting the proper rub rail

Taco Marine announces the most comprehensive and time saving rub rail replacement guide in the industry. This rub rail selection guide includes a new reference feature that helps speed up the process of selecting the proper rub rail for the most popular boats in the marketplace.

Boaters need to have the most accurate method to determine which is best for their boat, so the new Taco Marine rub rail replacement guide includes more boat builders than ever before. Now replacement decisions are easily made with references to specific boat builders and multiple profile versions of each. This feature now provides a better method for matching a boat’s existing rub rail – boaters can also make choices for the rub rail’s profile, color, and type of material that best fits their boat.

Included in the replacement guide is additional handy information on how to estimate the length of the material needed, required tools, installation tips and references on where to buy Taco Marine.

The Taco Marine Replacement Guide can be found and downloaded as a PDF file on this page of Taco Marine’s website

TacoMarine Rub Rail Guide2

Additional information on how to select rub and a video on how it’s manufactured

About Taco Marine

Taco Marine is the premier manufacturer of in the boating industry, with over 50 years of experience and offers the widest selection of replacement rub rail today. The company utilizes their in-house engineering and technology expertise to develop innovative sport fishing equipment, canvas and metal fabrication hardware, marine seating, and pedestal products – all supported by Taco Marine’s technical support staff. Taco Marine is headquartered in Miami, Florida and designs and manufacturers its products in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sparta, Tennessee. Taco Marine sells products to boat builders, marine product manufacturers, distributors and leading marine retailers throughout the US.