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Cathy’s Artistry with Sail Cloths

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It used to be said that old sails could live another life… brand new, thanks to the creative imagination of a young Martiniquais woman, traveling artist, and passionate collector of natural objects.  In Martinique at Ducos, where she put down her roots, we find Cathy in her garden in front of her blue and green colored bungalow, the craft workshop.

Her personal story is inspirational: born in Paris to Martiniquais parents, she left for the Seychelles to work for a non-governmental body, where she met her husband. Her vocation matured over time while living in Reunion, from whence she traveled to Madagascar where the local craftworks enriched her. From there, she traveled to Africa: Kenya, Zanzibar and Tanzania with its seeds and pearls. Finally, she came to Martinique.

In her unique workshop, Cathy is in her kingdom, decorated with nature of which she is the queen: gorgons, coconut fiber, hundreds of brightly colored seeds, woods, and portholes mounted on shelves. Here and there are rolls of Madras cloth in striking colors, sometimes slightly worn, no doubt caressed by the small breezes or strong winds, often rinsed by sudden rains, then dried in the sun. Luckily, other pieces are more resistant, as if they are waiting for Cathy to discover them, cut them, reassemble and combine with Madras, to marry the history of the sea with the history of Martinique. In places, she has composed a mosaic made up of sail cloth and Madras. These models are unique, born from agile fingers, and inspired thoughts from the ghosts of sailors.

Cathy continues, completing her most beautiful work ‘Nature’ with seeds carrying the names of Africa and Martinique: Aki, Wawa, Zyeux a Crabe, Oeil de Boeuf, Graine de Job, Chaca Langue Vielle Femms, Z’oreille a mulatre – in themselves poetic, but she stretches them, makes them flourish and assembles them with colored stoned—a necklace is born.

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Visit Cathy de Moussac, Quartier Lourdes, 97224 Ducos

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