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Caribbean Sailing Association President Kathy Lammers Re-elected 

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Caribbean Sailing Association President Kathy Lammers
Caribbean Sailing Association President Kathy Lammers

Following a vote at the CSA Annual General Meeting held at the Jolly Beach Resort and Spa in Antigua, incumbent President Kathy Lammers was chosen to lead the Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) for a further year.

Past President Peter Holmberg, Pam Fuller (Treasurer), Mike Green and Alison Sly-Adams (Vice Presidents) also remain on the board. Newly elected directors include Mei Ling Evan-Wong (Secretary) and Vice Presidents Ian Hope Ross and Mark Theron.

“The Caribbean Sailing Association has grown and progressed over the past several years and we are very proud of its many achievements.  It’s a privilege to work alongside so many dedicated and hard-working people – members and co-directors alike – and I look forward to working together to progress our many projects in the coming year,” Ms Lammers said.

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Bastien Pouthier was elected Chief Measurer by the measurers group, he will also act as Chief Technical Officer Measurer. Bastien will be assisted by a board of ‘elders’ who will act as his advisory team. The team comprises Sandy Mair, David Walworth, Bob Phillips and outgoing Chief Measurer Jeffrey Chen. Discussions at the Conference identified the need to restructure operations within the measurers group.  The measurers also discussed a number of improvements to be made to administration of the CSA Rating Rules in time for the racing season ahead. www.caribbean-sailing.com

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