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Capture of 5 Trinidadian fishermen in Venezuela – YSATT’s Response

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YSATT’s update to the yachting community on the capture of 5 Trinidadian fishermen in Venezuela

These 5 men left from Morne Diablo on the South coast of Trinidad, some 100 miles away from Chaguaramas. These 5 Trinidadian men went fishing up the Manosa River IN Venezuela where they were captured. There is a question being asked as to what they were actually doing up the river. This incident occurred inside Venezuela and not even in open waters let alone Trinidadian waters, actually not even in Venezuelan waters as they were up the river so they were really IN Venezuela.

This is not new to Trinidad and Venezuela, there was a flourishing legal and contraband trade industry from the 60s onwards adapting to whatever was in demand facilitating trade both ways. The coasts which are just 6 miles apart are now occupied by married Spanish and Trini families living in harmony on both coasts. However, a loud voice can change this perception. This current incident is an isolated case involving these 5 “fishermen”. Pictures on social media recently show Venezuelans with basic commodities like toilet paper waiting in Trinidad to go back to Venezuela. All kinds of stores have popped up in the area offering a wide range of goods for Venezuelan consumption.

So don’t let this interfere with your plans to visit Trinidad, come have some rum, roti and a red soft drink and enjoy the warmth of the Trini hospitality.

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-Tommy Johnson
Ag. President

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