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Be Safe! Isolation Transformers compensate for Low Voltage

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When it comes to electricity, safety is paramount. Hubbell Marine now offers 15 and 25 kVA Isolation Transformers with an optional 12.5% Auto-Boost. They solve low-voltage issues, safeguard sensitive electronic equipment onboard, prevent galvanic corrosion from reversed polarity and protect swimmers from potentially lethal stray current shock.

During start-up, Hubbell Auto-Boost immediately assesses the electrical system and can automatically boost the output by 12.5% to compensate for low voltage. After initial power-up, it enters static mode or can monitor and regulate voltage every hour in dynamic mode. The remote control panel is easily programmed to boost from a range of 190V up to 220V. It has a 32ft cable for mounting in a convenient location.

The 15kVA model is 16.94in x 14.12in x 11.59in and weighs 170lb. The 25kVA unit is 250lb., and measures 18.4in x 16.13in x 13.34in.

Both are available in vibration-resistant, white powder-coated steel or 316 stainless steel enclosures. They are designed to function with 50 and 100 amp systems and feature two full current-carrying shields. www.hubbell-marine.com

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