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What’s That Pong?

Boats with marine heads will eventually begin to smell funky. Sometimes all it takes to remedy it is some simple maintenance, other times it’s a DIY repair. Either way, Raritan Engineering has boat owners covered. They offer two easy-to-use, safe and environmentally-friendly bio-active cleaners, and Sani/Flex Odor Shield, a premium quality sanitation hose with a 5 year warranty against odor permeation.

C.P. (Cleans Potties) Marine Toilet Bowl and Drain Cleaner harnesses the power of specialized bacteria with 100% biodegradable cleaning agents. C.P. leaves the bowl, drain and sump sparkling clean and fresh-smelling. Because it’s chemical-free, it’s the only product safe to use with K.O.

K.O. (Kills Odors) is Raritan’s premium quality holding tank treatment. Its bioactive ingredients quickly break down and liquefy waste, and neutralize the cause of odor. Unlike other brands, its chemical-free formula doesn’t require boosters to dissolve tissue.

Raritan’s Sani/Flex Odor Shield butyl rubber marine sanitation hose is the perfect choice for DIYers. With a bend radius of up to two times its diameter, its extreme flexibility makes it easy to snake through close-fitting spots and get around tight corners. Once installed, it provides boat owners the lowest odor permeation level among the competition. Sani/Flex Odor Shield is offered in 1 and 1.5in diameters. www.raritaneng.com


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