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Up-N-Out Creates New Wide Step Version Of Popular Compact Dinghy Ladder

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Up-N-Out Creates New Wide Step Version Of Popular Compact Dinghy Ladder

Responding to customer requests, Scandia Marine Products has introduced a new wide step version of its popular Up-N-Out Dinghy Ladder. This new model is heavier and gives swimmers more room to place their feet onto the rungs, making it easier to use.

The new Up-N-Out DW3 Wide Step model increases the width of each rung from 8 inches to 12 inches. This extra area allows enough foot area to safely travel up and down, even while wearing swim fins.

Like all Up-N-Out Marine Ladders, the new DW3 uses the same unique interlocking rung system made from solid 316 stainless steel bar. There are no hinges that need lubrication or hollow tubing to gather water, and it automatically forms a rigid structure that gracefully curves outward away from the boat when deployed. To ensure proper traction, 3M Safety Walk grip tape is also applied to each rung.

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Woman Climbing Out of Water using the Up-N-Out Marine LadderThe DW3 dinghy ladder simply ties to the inside of the dinghy and extends well below the surface so any swimmer can get a firm foothold without a high leg lift to reach the first rung. An oak handle is also conveniently located at the top to give the swimmer a firm and safe grip. When finished, simply untie the ladder and push the rungs together to store.

There are two Up-N-Out Wide Step Dinghy Ladders available. The three-step DW3, which retails for $199, and the four-step DW4 that retails for $229. Each includes a storage bag and storage strap.

The Up-N-Out Dinghy Ladder is manufactured by Scandia Marine Products at its Minnesota headquarters. The company also produces boat and dock ladders that use the same interlocking rung technology

For More Information Contact:  info@scandiamarineproducts.com     www.up-n-out.com
1.651.433.5058   P.O. Box 325    Scandia, MN  55073

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