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Thunderbolt Marine Expands

  Thunderbolt Marina, a full-service yacht repair and refit facility located on the Wilmington River, near Savannah, Georgia, has expanded. Over 1,000-feet of additional dock space was installed at the marina and 400 feet of rail added to the property …

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Beautiful Strange Fish Poisonous or Not!

Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

I simply love taking people fishing and to this day I still get excited when one of my customers hooks a fish. When you drop a hook in the ocean you really never know what kind or size of fish that …

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May is Cobia Time!

Cobia can’t resist the Cobia Candy lure! Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

May is ‘Cobia Time’ in Savannah, Georgia! This is one fish that sparks the interest of many offshore as well as inshore fishermen. When cruising near the surface the cobia looks like a cross between a big catfish and shark. …

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Fish Are On the Move

From left to right: Brent Noseworthy, Captain Judy, Ranger Bob, Terri Collins “Cuz Two” and Cooper Napoli. Ranger Bob caught the largest and the most fish on this day. Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

Inshore April fishing brings fishermen closer to the act of catching. Bait shops will start to carry what you need to get the fish’s attention — live shrimp. Pair the shrimp with traditional adjustable floats from large to small and …

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Spring Fishing

Mariko Izumi and Captain Judy Helmey are two happy fishermen! Mariko is the host of Hookin Up on World Fishing Network and Captain Judy filmed a show with her in October 2014, which should air sometime in the spring of 2015. Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

Inshore Report I love it when the month of March rolls around on Savannah’s coast. I finally get to say “When the water temperature reaches 65 degree everything is alive!” This is the time of the year all fishermen and …

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February’s Fishing Secrets

Christopher Miller, Captain Judy Helmey, and David Miller…These fishermen are showing off a fine catch of winter king mackerel, little tunny, and barracuda! Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

Fishing the inshore waters of Savannah, can be rewarding during the month of February, if you are privy to some local secrets. The water is a lot clearer, making the fish a bit more skittish. Fishing redfish, pick areas in …

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Hibernating Fish Can be Found

Captain Deidra Helmey Jeffcoat and Christopher Miller with a fistfull of king mackerel. Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

By the time January rolls around in Savannah, the migrating coastal inshore fish have left and the ones that are staying have gone into the hibernation mode. Spotted seatrout are normally wintering in deep holes in the creeks, rivers or …

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Fish Cold Weather Patterns

Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

Inshore Waters Catching fish can happen in the month of December in Savannah, Georgia! Spotted sea trout, flounder, and redfish are bulking up for cold weather patterns. It’s also time to be a weather watcher. Normally the inshore bite will …

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Shrimp Are True Head Turners in November

Chad Rogers-Coxhead is holding up a nice genuine red snapper. Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

When the month of November rolls around, the inshore bite in Savannah, Ga., certainly does pick up. Fishermen get their best chance for catching the well known “Savannah Slam”; redfish, spotted sea trout, and flounder. The secret to catching more …

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Shorter Days, Cooler Temperatures Get Fish Moving

Travis Durham and Captain Kathy Brown look like good looking fishing team to me. Captain Kathy Brown is holding up Travis’s just caught scamp grouper! Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

INSHORE Though the temperatures are still hot, the shorter days alert fish that fall patterns are pending. Fish are not migrating this month, rather they are feeding on everything that is available. Spotted seatrout, redfish, and flounder might feed at …

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The Livelier The Bait, The Better The Bite

Terrell Gooding holding a nice genuine red snapper. Photo By Captain Judy Helmey

The old saying “the early bird catches the worm” really comes into play in August, the month that separates the true fishermen from those that claim to be. It’s best to fish early and you have to pull out all …

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Fishing Report: Fish Love Shrimp in July

Left to right front: Kara Shannon, Jessica Leterra, Laura Pruitt (holding Miss Judy koozie), Captain Judy, Suzanne Saeed (with sunglasses), Tina Stone (sunglasses on cap), Melody McElwee, Ryan McElwee. Standing in back: Aiden Saeed. Photo by Captain Kathy Brown

Inshore, offshore and Gulf Stream fishermen can show their guests a good time just knowing that live shrimp catches fish.   Inshore There are several good options this month for presenting live shrimp. The traditional adjustable float, quickly changed to …

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2014 Waterfront Fireworks AND Festivals!

Fireworks explode over the USS Yorktown and vessels anchored off Patriots Point in Charleston Harbor. Courtesy of Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

Here are a few Fourth of July celebrations featuring parades, festivals and fireworks. A fun day for the whole family. MARYLAND Fireworks NOTE: Ocean City Maryland delays their fireworks until the 5th due to Hurricane Arthur July 3 – Independence Day …

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Eleven TOP Yacht Shipyards

Courtesy of Colonna Yachts

The Atlantic southeast coastline and the Gulf coast of the United States have noted steadily increasing growth in megayacht traffic over the last decade. Established businesses and new facilities have risen to meet the maintenance and repair challenges of these …

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Fish Are Plentiful in June

L-R Captain Judy and Josh Brown are front and center. Back row: Big John, Steve and Andy. Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

Inshore Inshore fishermen can go into “watch and catch mode” for spotted seatrout, redfish, flounder, sheepshead, black drum, shark, Spanish mackerel and cobia. Now is also the time to bring out the cast net and catch your own bait. Peanut …

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Southeast Youth Summer Camp Programs 2014

Most organizations offer weeklong sessions with special courses running two weeks or longer. Times vary from half day to full day schedules. All campers must be able to pass a swim test. A USCG approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is …

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The Right Bait Wins the Catch

Please meet the ladies who don’t just fish; they catch too! From left to right: Deirdre Burford, Grace Knight, Boni Carstarthen, A J Crowe, and Vicki Hall. Each fisher is holding a fist-full of black sea bass!

Inshore Although the spotted seatrout has been a little unpredictable over the last few months, May is the month that changes everything! By the time May rolls around, the spotted seatrout bite is joined up with the flounder bite meaning …

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