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Sister Flora Flotilla to visit Ile la Vache

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Welcome to the ‘Sister Flora Flotilla’ to Ile la Vache.  Ile la Vache is a small island off the southwest corner of Haiti with  no cars, electricity or telephones.  It has been a safe and welcoming anchorage for sailing boats for as long as can be remembered.

More importantly, on Ile la Vache is the orphanage of St. Francis (L’Oeuvre St Francois D’Assises) which has been run for over 30 years by a Canadian nun,  Sister Flora.  She is all of 5 feet tall and probably weighs in wet at 100 lbs.  Sister Flora is both humble and strong at the same time and to meet her, regardless of one’s personal faith, is an experience that will leave you with a memory that will last a lifetime.

Just up the hill in Madame Bernard is the orphanage of St. Francis (L’Oeuvre St Francois D’Assises) which has been run for over 30 years by a Canadian nun,  Sister Flora.
Sister Flora – She never asks for anything and simply believes that those who will come to help and to give, will come.

For over 30 years Sister Flora has taken care of orphans in Haiti  Her clinic, orphanage and school are an institution on the island.  She is loved by everyone.  When asked what makes her sad, she replies “When someone tells me that a child is too far gone and not worth investing in.”

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Marina ZarPar in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic
is sponsoring a flotilla to visit Ile la Vache
AND Aid Sister Flora


Here are the QUICK Facts:

  • The flotilla is scheduled to depart for Haiti the 8th of February
  • Boats that want to join should arrive Marina ZarPar (www.marinazarpar.com), no later than Feb. 4th
  • Meetings will be held to discuss routing and stops along the way.
  • Frank Virgintino, Author of Free Cruising Guides will organize and lead the group.
  • The flotilla will take about 4 days to arrive at the island and will also stop at Isla Beata, DR en route.
  • The overall trip is approximately 250 nm.
  • $100 US  registration fee
  • All Profits donated to the Sister Flora orphanage.
  • Marina ZarPar will provide a 20% discount on slips and moorings for all flotilla vessels.

The Orphanage NEEDS Donations:

  • Good used clothing for children up to 15 years of age
  • Books, pencils, crayons and any type of school supplies
  • Powdered milk is at the top of Sister Flora’s list

Any support that is given to the school and orphanage will be so very much appreciated.  Additional information on the Sister Flora, St. Francis orphanage.

There is also additional information on the island of Ile la Vache at: http://www.friendsofileavachehaiti.com


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