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Seafarer’s Centre Curacao enthusiastically Starts 2008

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On January 17the the one and only Seafarer’s Centre in Curaçao held its annual new year’s reception in the refurbished building and terrace at the Rijkseenheidboulevard and the board and managers gave a toast to 2008.
The Curaçao Centre is linked to the umbrella organization, British & International Sailors’ Society, which operates across the globe providing facilities for the world’s 1.5 million seafarers, affording assistance to them and their families, whenever and wherever this is needed.

The needs of seafarers are certainly no less than they were in 1818, when the Foundation was established. With ships spending less and less time in port, shore leave is at a premium and the Centre and staff offer a warm and friendly welcome to visiting seafarers and local seamen.

In Curaçao the Seafarer’s Centre is situated near the dry dock and several minutes from town. Facilities such as telephones, Internet connection, television, reading materials and games are available, as are food and refreshments. The Centre’s minibus transports seafarers to the Centre and local shops before returning them safely to their ships.

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